Dr. Liu’s research focuses  on the  molecular mechanisms  of spinal  cord injury  (SCI),  neuroprotection and recovery of  function following  injuries to  the central nervous  system  (CNS).  Currently, his research is focused on four separate projects: 1)Investigation into whether phospholipase A2(PLA2) is  a  therapeutic  target  for  SCI; 2)  Exploring the  molecular  role  of  anionic  phospholipids,  particularly mitochondria-specific cardiolipin in the signaling pathway of neuronal death after SCI; 3)Investigating the role of miRNAs in pathogenesis of SCI; and 4), After establishing several well-accepted models of traumatic  brain  injury  (TBI)  and developed  new  TBI  models  for  their own  need,  these  models are used  to  investigate the  role  of  cPLA2 in  TBI,  and  whether  blocking  PSD-95  and  nNOS  interaction results  in  neuroprotection.  The goal  is to  develop a  novel repair  strategy to  improve anatomical reorganization and functional recovery after traumatic CNS injuries.  

PhD, Beijing Medical University, China, Pathophysiology, 1994
MSC, Jiamusi Medical College, Pathophysiology, 1987
MD, Jiamusi Medical College, Medicine, 1984