My research is united by an interest in how different global regions are connected and divided by structural inequalities, the movement of people and ideas, and the social imaginaries of nation and civilization. As a main focus, I study the cultural encounters, exchanges, and ruptures between "the West" and other(ed) world regions.

Among the questions that my published work has tried to answer are: Do more accommodating modes of belonging in a country increase migration? How do constructed racial hierarchies define which outside groups are perceived as assimilable or desirable? How do seemingly discrete social categories (language, religion, gender) become racialized in processes of group boundary making?

Research Topics:

  • international migration
  • public attitudes
  • race and ethnicity
  • Islamophobia
International Studies
PhD, Indiana University, Sociology, 2016
JD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Law, 2010
MA, University of Texas at Austin, Linguistics, 2006
BA, University of Miami, International Studies, 2001