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Influence of Choline Chloride/Urea and Glycerol Plasticizers on the Mechanical Properties of Thermoplastic Starch Plastics. Polymers
. | Journal Article
Skin Imaging Using Optical Coherence Tomography and Photoacoustic Imaging: A Mini-Review. Optics
. | Journal Article
Canine-Inspired Chemometric Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Urine Headspace to Distinguish Prostate Cancer in Mice and Men. Cancers
. | Journal Article
The power of light and sound: optoacoustic skin imaging for diabetes progression monitoring. Light: Science & Applications
. | Journal Article
Chemometric Analysis of Urinary Volatile Organic Compounds to Monitor the Efficacy of Pitavastatin Treatments on Mammary Tumor Progression over Time
Grocki, PaulWoollam, MarkWang, LuqiLiu, ShengzhiKalra, MaitriSiegel, Amanda P.Li, Bai-YanYokota, Hiroki and Agarwal, Mangilal
(pp. 4277). MDPI AG
Exhaled VOCs can discriminate subjects with COVID-19 from healthy controls
Woollam, MarkAngarita-Rivera, PaulaSiegel, Amanda PKalra, VikasKapoor, Rajat and Agarwal, Mangilal
Journal of Breath Research. | Journal Article
Preliminary method for profiling volatile organic compounds in breath that correlate with pulmonary function and other clinical traits of subjects diagnosed with cystic fibrosis: a pilot study
Journal of Breath Research. | Journal Article
Exosome-Mediated Crosstalk between Keratinocytes and Macrophages in Cutaneous Wound Healing
Zhou, XiaojuZhou, XiaojuZhou, XiaojuZhou, XiaojuBrown, Brooke ABrown, Brooke A.Brown, Brooke ABrown, Brooke ASiegel, Amanda PSiegel, Amanda P.Siegel, Amanda PSiegel, Amanda PMasry, Mohamed ElEl Masry, Mohamed SMasry, Mohamed S. ElEl Masry, Mohamed SZeng, XuyaoZeng, XuyaoZeng, XuyaoZeng, XuyaoSong, WoranSong, WoranSong, WoranSong, WoranDas, AmitavaDas, AmitavaDas, AmitavaDas, AmitavaKhandelwal, PuneetKhandelwal, PuneetKhandelwal, PuneetKhandelwal, PuneetClark, AndrewClark, AndrewClark, AndrewClark, AndrewSingh, KanhaiyaSingh, KanhaiyaSingh, KanhaiyaSingh, KanhaiyaGuda, Poornachander RGuda, Poornachander RGuda, Poornachander R.Guda, Poornachander RGorain, MahadeoGorain, MahadeoGorain, MahadeoGorain, MahadeoTimsina, LavaTimsina, LavaTimsina, LavaTimsina, LavaXuan, YiXuan, YiXuan, YiXuan, YiJacobson, Stephen CJacobson, Stephen C.Jacobson, Stephen C.Jacobson, Stephen CNovotny, Milos VNovotny, Milos V.Novotny, Milos VNovotny, Milos VRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiRoy, SashwatiAgarwal, MangilalAgarwal, MangilalAgarwal, MangilalAgarwal, MangilalLee, Robert JLee, Robert J.Lee, Robert J.Lee, Robert JSen, Chandan KSen, Chandan K.Sen, Chandan KSen, Chandan K.Clemmer, David E.Clemmer, David EClemmer, David EClemmer, David E.Ghatak, SubhadipGhatak, SubhadipGhatak, Subhadip and Ghatak, Subhadip
ACS Nano. | Journal Article
Polyetherimide/carbon black composite sensors demonstrate selective detection of medium-chain aldehydes including nonanal
Daneshkhah, AliDaneshkhah, A.Vij, S.Vij, ShitizSiegel, Amanda PSiegel, A.P.Agarwal, M. and Agarwal, Mangilal
Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 383. | Journal Article
Urinary Volatile Terpenes Analyzed by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry to Monitor Breast Cancer Treatment Efficacy in Mice
Woollam, MarkTeli, MeghanaLiu, ShengzhiDaneshkhah, AliSiegel, Amanda PYokota, Hiroki and Agarwal, Mangilal
Journal of proteome research, vol. 19, (no. 5), pp. 1922, 2020-May-01. | Journal Article
Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Urine via Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry QTOF to Differentiate Between Localized and Metastatic Models of Breast Cancer
Woollam, MarkWoollam, M.Teli, M.Teli, MeghanaAngarita-Rivera, P.Angarita-Rivera, PaulaLiu, S.Liu, ShengzhiSiegel, Amanda PSiegel, A.P.Yokota, H.Yokota, HirokiAgarwal, Mangilal and Agarwal, M.
Scientific Reports, vol. 9. | Journal Article
Pitavastatin slows tumor progression and alters urine-derived volatile organic compounds through the mevalonate pathway
Wang, LuqiWang, L.Wang, YueWang, Y.Chen, AndyChen, A.Teli, MeghanaTeli, M.Kondo, R.Kondo, RikaJalali, A.Jalali, AydinFan, YaoFan, Y.Liu, ShengzhiLiu, S.Zhao, X.Zhao, XinyuSiegel, A.Siegel, AmandaMinami, K.Minami, KazumasaAgarwal, M.Agarwal, MangilalLi, Bai-YanLi, B.-Y.Yokota, H. and Yokota, Hiroki
FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, vol. 33, pp. 13710-13721. | Journal Article
Analyzing breath samples of hypoglycemic events in type 1 diabetes patients: towards developing an alternative to diabetes alert dogs
Siegel, Amanda PDaneshkhah, AliHardin, Dana SShrestha, SudhirVarahramyan, Kody and Agarwal, Mangilal
Journal of Breath Research, vol. 11, pp. 026007. | Journal Article
Cross-selectivity enhancement of poly(vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene)-based sensor arrays for detecting acetone and ethanol
Daneshkhah, AliDaneshkhah, A.Shrestha, S.Shrestha, SudhirSiegel, AmandaSiegel, A.Varahramyan, KodyVarahramyan, K.Agarwal, M. and Agarwal, Mangilal
Sensors (Switzerland), vol. 17. | Journal Article
Highly Reversible Diphenyl Trisulfide Catholyte for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Wu, MinWu, M.Bhargav, A.Bhargav, AmruthCui, Y.Cui, YiSiegel, A.Siegel, AmandaAgarwal, MangilalAgarwal, M.Ma, YingMa, Y.Fu, Y. and Fu, Yongzhu
ACS Energy Letters, vol. 1, pp. 1221-1226. | Journal Article
Organotrisulfide: A High Capacity Cathode Material for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Wu, MinWu, M.Cui, Y.Cui, YiBhargav, AmruthBhargav, A.Losovyj, Y.Losovyj, YaroslavSiegel, A.Siegel, AmandaAgarwal, MangilalAgarwal, M.Ma, Y.Ma, YingFu, Y. and Fu, Yongzhu
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, vol. 55, pp. 10027-10031. | Journal Article
Pure white-light emitting ultrasmall organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite nanoclusters
Teunis, Meghan BTeunis, M.B.Lawrence, Katie NLawrence, K.N.Dutta, PoulamiDutta, P.Siegel, A.P.Siegel, Amanda PSardar, Rajesh and Sardar, R.
Nanoscale, vol. 8, pp. 17433-17439. | Journal Article
Inferring Diffusion Dynamics from FCS in Heterogeneous Nuclear Environments
Tsekouras, K.Siegel, A.P.Day, R.N. and Pressé, S.
Biophysical Journal, vol. 109, pp. 7-17. | Journal Article
Ligand binding alters dimerization and sequestering of urokinase receptors in raft-mimicking lipid mixtures
Ge, YifanGe, Y.Siegel, A.P.Siegel, AmandaJordan, RainerJordan, R.Naumann, Christoph and Naumann, C.A.
Biophysical Journal, vol. 107, pp. 2101-2111. | Journal Article
Bilayer asymmetry influences integrin sequestering in raft-mimicking lipid mixtures
Hussain, Noor FHussain, N.F.Siegel, Amanda PSiegel, A.P.Ge, YifanGe, Y.Jordan, R.Jordan, RainerNaumann, Christoph A and Naumann, C.A.
Biophysical Journal, vol. 104, pp. 2212-2221. | Journal Article
Cholesterol-induced buckling in physisorbed polymer-tethered lipid monolayers
Hussain, NoorHussain, N.F.Siegel, A.P.Siegel, AmandaJohnson, MerrellJohnson, M.A.Naumann, C.A. and Naumann, Christoph
Polymers, vol. 5, pp. 404-417. | Journal Article
Iterative layer-by-layer assembly of polymer-tethered multi-bilayers using maleimide-thiol coupling chemistry
Minner, D.E.Minner, Daniel EMinner, Daniel EHerring, V.L.Herring, Vincent LHerring, Vincent LSiegel, Amanda PSiegel, Amanda PSiegel, A.P.Kimble Hill, AnnKimble-Hill, AnnKimble-Hill, A.Johnson, Merrell AJohnson, Merrell AJohnson, M.A.Naumann, Christoph ANaumann, C.A. and Naumann, Christoph A
Soft Matter, vol. 9, pp. 9643-9650. | Journal Article
Strengths and weaknesses of recently engineered red fluorescent proteins evaluated in live cells using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Siegel, Amanda PSiegel, A.P.Baird, M.A.Baird, Michelle ADavidson, Michael WDavidson, M.W.Day, R.N. and Day, Richard N
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 14, pp. 20340-20358. | Journal Article
Unraveling transcription factor interactions with heterochromatin protein 1 using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Siegel, Amanda PSiegel, A.P.Hays, Nicole MHays, N.M.Day, Richard N and Day, R.N.
Journal of Biomedical Optics, vol. 18. | Journal Article
Dynamic nuclear protein interactions investigated using fluorescence lifetime and fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
Siegel, A.P.Hays, N.M. and Day, R.N.
Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE, vol. 8226. | Conference Proceeding