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Comparative Phylogeography of Microsnails from the Pacific Northwest
Smith, Megan LLang, ConnorSneddon, DavidWallace, JessicaEspı́ndola, Anahı́Sullivan, Jack and Carstens, Bryan C
Northwest Science, vol. 96, pp. 117–132. | Journal Article
Species limits and diversification of the Dendropsophus rubicundulus subgroup (Anura, Hylidae) in Neotropical savannas
Arantes, Ísis CVasconcellos, Mariana MSmith, Megan LGarrick, Ryan CColli, Guarino R and Noonan, Brice P
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, pp. 107843. | Journal Article
There and back again: the unexpected journeys of Metridium de Blainville, 1824 between the old oceans and throughout the modern world
Glon, HeatherHäussermann, VreniBrewin, Paul EBrickle, PaulKong, SungsikSmith, Megan L and Daly, Marymegan
The Biological Bulletin, vol. 244, pp. 9–24. | Journal Article
Assessing model adequacy for Bayesian Skyline plots using posterior predictive simulation
Fonseca, Emanuel MDuckett, Drew JAlmeida, Filipe GSmith, Megan LThomé, Maria Tereza C and Carstens, Bryan C
Plos one, vol. 17, pp. e0269438. | Journal Article
Assessing model adequacy leads to more robust phylogeographic inference
Carstens, Bryan CSmith, Megan LDuckett, Drew JFonseca, Emanuel M and Thomé, M Tereza C
Trends in Ecology & Evolution, vol. 37, pp. 402–410. | Journal Article
Genomic evidence of an ancient Inland Temperate Rainforest in the Pacific Northwest of North America
Ruffley, MeganSmith, Megan LEspı́ndola, Anahı́Turck, Daniel FMitchell, NielsCarstens, BryanSullivan, Jack and Tank, David C
Molecular Ecology. | Journal Article
Phylogenetic inference using Generative Adversarial Networks
Smith, Megan L and Hahn, Matthew W
bioRxiv, pp. 2022–12. | Journal Article
Species delimitation using molecular data
Smith, Megan L and Carstens, Bryan C
JS Wilkins, FE Zachos, & I. Ya. Pavlinov, Species Problems and Beyond, pp. 145–160. | Journal Article
Species tree inference methods intended to deal with incomplete lineage sorting are robust to the presence of paralogs
Yan, ZhiSmith, Megan LDu, PengHahn, Matthew W and Nakhleh, Luay
Systematic Biology, vol. 71, pp. 367–381. | Journal Article
The Frequency and Topology of Pseudoorthologs
Smith, Megan L and Hahn, Matthew W
Systematic Biology, vol. 71, pp. 649–659. | Journal Article
The role of multiple Pleistocene refugia in promoting diversification in the Pacific Northwest
Smith, Megan LWallace, JessicaTank, David CSullivan, Jack and Carstens, Bryan C
Molecular Ecology, vol. 31, pp. 4402–4416. | Journal Article
Using all gene families vastly expands data available for phylogenomic inference
Smith, Megan LVanderpool, Dan and Hahn, Matthew W
Molecular Biology and Evolution, vol. 39, pp. msac112. | Journal Article
Machine learning in molecular ecology
Fountain-Jones, Nicholas MSmith, Megan L and Austerlitz, Frédéric
(pp. 2589–2597). Wiley Online Library
New approaches for inferring phylogenies in the presence of paralogs
Smith, Megan L and Hahn, Matthew W
Trends in Genetics, vol. 37, pp. 174–187. | Journal Article
Sharing and reporting benefits from biodiversity research
Marden, EmilyMarden, EmilyMarden, E.Marden, EmilyMarden, EmilyMarden, EmilyMarden, E.Marden, E.Abbott, Richard J.Abbott, Richard J.Abbott, Richard J.Abbott, Richard J.Abbott, R. J.Abbott, R.J.Abbott, Richard JAbbott, R.J.Austerlitz, F.Austerlitz, F.Austerlitz, FrédéricAusterlitz, FrédéricAusterlitz, F.Austerlitz, FrédéricAusterlitz, FrédéricAusterlitz, FrédéricOrtiz-Barrientos, D.Ortiz-Barrientos, D.Ortiz-Barrientos, DanielOrtiz-Barrientos, DanielOrtiz-Barrientos, D.Ortiz-Barrientos, DanielOrtiz‐Barrientos, DanielOrtiz‐Barrientos, DanielBaucom, R. S.Baucom, R.S.Baucom, Regina S.Baucom, R.S.Baucom, Regina SBaucom, Regina S.Baucom, Regina S.Baucom, Regina S.Bongaerts, PimBongaerts, PimBongaerts, P.Bongaerts, PimBongaerts, PimBongaerts, P.Bongaerts, PimBongaerts, P.Bonin, A.Bonin, A.Bonin, AurélieBonin, AurélieBonin, AurélieBonin, A.Bonin, AurélieBonin, AurélieBonneaud, CamilleBonneaud, CamilleBonneaud, CamilleBonneaud, C.Bonneaud, CamilleBonneaud, CamilleBonneaud, C.Bonneaud, C.Browne, LukeBrowne, L.Browne, LukeBrowne, L.Browne, LukeBrowne, L.Browne, LukeBrowne, LukeBuerkle, C. AlexBuerkle, C. A.Alex Buerkle, C.Alex Buerkle, CBuerkle, C. AlexAlex Buerkle, C.Alex Buerkle, C.Alex Buerkle, C.Caicedo, A. L.Caicedo, Ana L.othersCaicedo, A.L.Caicedo, A.L.Caicedo, Ana L.Caicedo, Ana L.Caicedo, Ana L.Coltman, David W.Coltman, David W.Coltman, David W.Coltman, D.W.Coltman, D.W.Coltman, D. W.Coltman, David W.Cruzan, M. B.Cruzan, M.B.Cruzan, M.B.Cruzan, Mitchell B.Cruzan, Mitchell B.Cruzan, Mitchell B.Cruzan, Mitchell B.Davison, A.Davison, AngusDavison, AngusDavison, A.Davison, A.Davison, AngusDavison, AngusDeWoody, J. AndrewDeWoody, J. AndrewDeWoody, J. A.DeWoody, J. AndrewDeWoody, J.A.DeWoody, J.A.DeWoody, J. AndrewDumbrell, A.J.Dumbrell, Alex J.Dumbrell, Alex J.Dumbrell, A.J.Dumbrell, A. J.Dumbrell, Alex J.Dumbrell, Alex J.Emerson, Brent C.Emerson, B. C.Emerson, B.C.Emerson, B.C.Emerson, Brent C.Emerson, Brent C.Emerson, Brent C.Fountain-Jones, Nicholas M.Fountain-Jones, N.M.Fountain‐Jones, Nicholas M.Fountain-Jones, Nicholas M.Fountain-Jones, N.M.Fountain‐Jones, Nicholas M.Fountain-Jones, N. M.Gillespie, R.Gillespie, R.Gillespie, RosemaryGillespie, RosemaryGillespie, RosemaryGillespie, R.Gillespie, RosemaryGiraud, TatianaGiraud, TatianaGiraud, T.Giraud, TatianaGiraud, TatianaGiraud, T.Giraud, T.Hansen, Michael M.Hansen, Michael M.Hansen, Michael M.Hansen, M.M.Hansen, M. M.Hansen, M.M.Hansen, Michael M.Hodgins, K.A.Hodgins, Kathryn A.Hodgins, Kathryn A.Hodgins, Kathryn A.Hodgins, K. A.Hodgins, K.A.Hodgins, Kathryn A.Heuertz, M.Heuertz, M.Heuertz, MyriamHeuertz, MyriamHeuertz, MyriamHeuertz, M.Heuertz, MyriamHirase, S.Hirase, S.Hirase, S.Hirase, ShotaroHirase, ShotaroHirase, ShotaroHirase, ShotaroHooper, RebeccaHooper, RebeccaHooper, RebeccaHooper, R.Hooper, R.Hooper, R.Hooper, RebeccaHohenlohe, P.Hohenlohe, PaulHohenlohe, PaulHohenlohe, PaulHohenlohe, PaulHohenlohe, P.Hohenlohe, P.Kane, N. C.Kane, N.C.Kane, Nolan C.Kane, Nolan C.Kane, Nolan C.Kane, N.C.Kane, Nolan C.Kelley, Joanna L.Kelley, Joanna L.Kelley, J.L.Kelley, J. L.Kelley, Joanna L.Kelley, J.L.Kelley, Joanna L.Kinziger, Andrew P.Kinziger, Andrew P.Kinziger, A.P.Kinziger, A.P.Kinziger, Andrew P.Kinziger, Andrew P.Kinziger, A. P.McKenzie, V.J.McKenzie, Valerie J.McKenzie, Valerie J.McKenzie, Valerie J.McKenzie, V.J.McKenzie, V. J.McKenzie, Valerie J.Moreau, Corrie S.Moreau, C. S.Moreau, Corrie S.Moreau, C.S.Moreau, C.S.Moreau, Corrie S.Moreau, Corrie S.Nazareno, Alison G.Nazareno, Alison G.Nazareno, Alison G.Nazareno, Alison G.Nazareno, A. G.Nazareno, A.G.Nazareno, A.G.Pelletier, Tara A.Pelletier, T.A.Pelletier, Tara A.Pelletier, Tara A.Pelletier, T.A.Pelletier, Tara A.Pelletier, T. A.Pemberton, Josephine M.Pemberton, J.M.Pemberton, Josephine M.Pemberton, J. M.Pemberton, J.M.Pemberton, Josephine M.Pemberton, Josephine M.Qu, Y.Qu, YanhuaQu, YanhuaQu, YanhuaQu, YanhuaQu, Y. H.Qu, Y.Renaut, SébastienRenaut, S.Renaut, SébastienRenaut, S.Renaut, S.Renaut, SébastienRenaut, SébastienRiginos, CynthiaRiginos, C.Riginos, CynthiaRiginos, CynthiaRiginos, CynthiaRiginos, C.Riginos, C.Rodrı́guez-Ezpeleta, NaiaraRodríguez-Ezpeleta, N.Rodríguez-Ezpeleta, N.Rodríguez‐Ezpeleta, NaiaraRodriguez-Ezpeleta, N.Rodrı́guez-Ezpeleta, NaiaraRodríguez‐Ezpeleta, NaiaraRogers, Sean M.Rogers, Sean M.Rogers, Sean M.Rogers, S.M.Rogers, Sean M.Rogers, S. M.Rogers, S.M.Russell, Jacob A.Russell, Jacob A.Russell, J.A.Russell, Jacob A.Russell, J.A.Russell, J. A.Russell, Jacob A.Schoville, S. D.Schoville, S.D.Schoville, S.D.Schoville, Sean D.Schoville, Sean D.Schoville, Sean D.Schoville, Sean D.Shi, SuhuaShi, S.Shi, S. H.Shi, SuhuaShi, SuhuaShi, S.Shi, SuhuaSmith, M.Smith, MeganSmith, M.Smith, MeganSmith, MeganSmith, M.Smith, MeganSork, Victoria L.Sork, Victoria L.Sork, V. L.Sork, V.L.Sork, Victoria L.Sork, V.L.Sork, Victoria L.Stone, Graham N.Stone, Graham N.Stone, G.N.Stone, Graham N.Stone, G.N.Stone, G. N.Stone, Graham N.Taberlet, PierreTaberlet, PierreTaberlet, PierreTaberlet, P.Taberlet, P.Taberlet, PierreTaberlet, P.Videvall, E.Videvall, ElinVidevall, ElinVidevall, E.Videvall, E.Videvall, ElinVidevall, ElinWaits, LisetteWaits, L.Waits, LisetteWaits, LisetteWaits, L.Waits, LisetteWaits, L.Warschefsky, EmilyWarschefsky, EmilyWarschefsky, E.Warschefsky, E.Warschefsky, EmilyWarschefsky, E.Warschefsky, EmilyWayne, Robert K.Wayne, Robert K.Wayne, R.K.Wayne, R. K.Wayne, Robert K.Wayne, Robert K.Wayne, R.K.Whibley, AnnabelWhibley, A.Whibley, AnnabelWhibley, AnnabelWhibley, AnnabelWhibley, A.Whibley, A.Willoughby, JannaWilloughby, J.Willoughby, JannaWilloughby, J.Willoughby, JannaWilloughby, J.Willoughby, JannaYoder, Jeremy B.Yoder, Jeremy B.Yoder, J. B.Yoder, Jeremy B.Yoder, J.B.Yoder, J.B.Yoder, Jeremy B.Zinger, L.Zinger, L.Zinger, LucieZinger, L.Zinger, LucieZinger, LucieZinger, LucieSibbett, BenjaminSibbett, BenjaminSibbett, B.Sibbett, BenjaminSibbett, B.Sibbett, B.Sibbett, BenjaminNarum, ShawnNarum, S.Narum, ShawnNarum, ShawnNarum, S.Narum, ShawnNarum, S.Rieseberg, Loren H.Rieseberg, L.H.Rieseberg, Loren H.Rieseberg, L. H.Rieseberg, Loren H.Rieseberg, Loren H. and Rieseberg, L.H.
(pp. 1103–1107)
Signatures of north-eastern expansion and multiple refugia: genomic phylogeography of the Pine Barrens tree frog, Hyla andersonii (Anura: Hylidae)
Warwick, Alexa RBarrow, Lisa NSmith, Megan LMeans, D BruceLemmon, Alan R and Lemmon, Emily Moriarty
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, vol. 133, pp. 120–134. | Journal Article
Availability of Recently Described Ptychadena (Anura: Ptychadenidae) Nomina from Ethiopia
Colston, Timothy J.Noonan, Brice P.Smith, Megan L. and Pyron, R. Alexander
Zootaxa, vol. 4786, pp. 289–294. | Journal Article
Does habitat stability structure intraspecific genetic diversity? It’s complicated...
Wieringa, Jamin GBoot, Matthew RDantas-Queiroz, Marcos VDuckett, DrewFonseca, Emanuel MGlon, HeatherHamilton, NatalieKong, SungsikLanna, Flavia MMattingly, Kali Z and others
Frontiers of Biogeography, vol. 12. | Journal Article
Investigating drivers of diversification in a co-distributed community of terrestrial gastropods from the Pacific Northwest
Smith, Megan L
Population genetic structure and demographic history of the lone star tick, Amblyomma americanum (Ixodida: Ixodidae): new evidence supporting old records
Lado, PaulaSmith, Megan L.Carstens, Bryan C. and Klompen, Hans
Molecular Ecology. | Journal Article
Process-based species delimitation leads to identification of more biologically relevant species
Smith, Megan L and Carstens, Bryan C
Evolution, vol. 74, pp. 216–229. | Journal Article
The subfamily Abbottellinae (Gastropoda: Annulariidae): origins, associations, and a review of the Hispaniolan taxa
Watters, G ThomasSmith, Megan L and Sneddon, David J
NAUTILUS, vol. 134, pp. 1–34. | Journal Article
Complex interplay of ancient vicariance and recent patterns of geographical speciation in north-western North American temperate rainforests explains the phylogeny of jumping slugs (Hemphillia spp.)
Rankin, Andrew MWilke, ThomasLucid, MichaelLeonard, WilliamEspı́ndola, Anahı́Smith, Megan LCarstens, Bryan C and Sullivan, Jack
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, vol. 127, pp. 876–889. | Journal Article
Integrating life history traits into predictive phylogeography
Sullivan, JackSmith, Megan L.Espı́ndola, Anahı́Ruffley, MeganRankin, AndrewTank, David and Carstens, Bryan
Molecular Ecology, vol. 28, pp. 2062–2073. | Journal Article
Process-based species delimitation leads to identification of more biologically relevant species
Smith, Megan L. and Carstens, Bryan C.
Evolution. | Journal Article