15 Publications
A Case of Designing a Game to Support Older Adults in a Community Setting: Implications for Supporting Active Togetherness
Co-Designing Emotion: Supporting Positive Affect in a Culturally Sensitive Application for African-American Heart Health
Designing to Support Blind and Visually Impaired Older Adults in Managing the Invisible Labor of Social Participation: Opportunities and Challenges
Exploring Users’ Perspectives of Mobile Health Privacy and Autonomy
What Do We Do? Lessons Learned from Conducting Systematic Reviews to Improve HCI Dissemination
Building Community Capacity: Exploring Voice Assistants to Support Older Adults in an Independent Living Community
“I stepped into a puddle”: Non-Visual Texting in Nomadic Contexts
Older Adults’ Pain Outcomes After mHealth Interventions: Scoping Review. JMIR Aging
. | Journal Article
Older Adults’ Pain Outcomes After mHealth Interventions: Scoping Review (Preprint)
Older Adults’ Experiences Moving Community Online in Independent Living During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine
"Alexa is a Toy": Exploring Older Adults Reasons for Using, Limiting, and Abandoning Echo. Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. | Conference Proceeding
A Question of Access: Exploring the Perceived Benefits and Barriers of Intelligent Voice Assistants for Improving Access to Consumer Health Resources Among Low-Income Older Adults
Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine. | Journal Article
Exploring Older Adults' Beliefs About the Use of Intelligent Assistants for Consumer Health Information Management: A Participatory Design Study
Martin-Hammond, AqueashaVemireddy, Sravani and Rao, Kartik
JMIR aging, vol. 2, (no. 2), pp. e15381, 2019-Dec-11. | Journal Article
Designing an over-the-counter consumer decision-making tool for older adults
Martin-Hammond, Aqueasha MAbegaz, Tamirat and Gilbert, Juan E
Journal of Biomedical Informatics, vol. 57, pp. 123, October 2015. | Journal Article
Collectively Figuring It Out: Foreign-Trained Health Professionals and Labor Market Integration
Caidi, NadiaCaidi, NadiaKomlodi, AnitaKomlodi, AnitaAbrao, AlineAbrao, AlineMartin-Hammond, Aqueasha and Martin-Hammond, Aqueasha
LIBRES: Library and Information Science Research Electronic Journal, vol. 24, (no. 2), pp. 118, 20141201. | Journal Article