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Absence of Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Following Transplantation of Adult Cardiac-Resident Sca-1+ Cells Into Infarcted Mouse Hearts.
Soonpaa, Mark HLafontant, Pascal JReuter, SeanScherschel, John ASrour, Edward FZaruba, Marc-MichaelRubart-von der Lohe, Michael and Field, Loren J
(pp. 2963-2966). December 18, 2018
Electrical coupling between ventricular myocytes and myofibroblasts in the infarcted mouse heart
Rubart, MichaelRubart, MichaelRubart, MichaelTao, WenTao, WenTao, WenLu, Xiao-LongLu, Xiao-LongLu, Xiao-LongConway, Simon JConway, Simon JConway, Simon JReuter, Sean PReuter, Sean PReuter, Sean PLin, Shien-FongLin, Shien-FongLin, Shien FongSoonpaa, Mark HSoonpaa, Mark H and Soonpaa, Mark H
Cardiovascular Research, vol. 114, (no. 3), pp. 400, 20180301. | Journal Article
Myocardial Polyploidization Creates a Barrier to Heart Regeneration in Zebrafish
González-Rosa, Juan ManuelGonzález-Rosa, Juan ManuelSharpe, MichkaSharpe, MichkaField, DorothyField, DorothySoonpaa, Mark HSoonpaa, Mark HField, Loren JField, Loren JBurns, Caroline EBurns, Caroline EBurns, C. Geoffrey and Burns, C. Geoffrey
Developmental Cell, vol. 44, (no. 4), pp. 446.e7, 2018-02-26. | Journal Article
Ventricular Myocytes Electrically Couple with Nonmyocytes in the Infarcted Mouse Heart
Rubart, MichaelTao, WenLu, Xiao-longLin, Shien-Fong and Soonpaa, Mark
Biophysical Journal, vol. 110, (no. 3), pp. 275a, 2016-02-16. | Journal Article
Cardiac engraftment of genetically-selected parthenogenetic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes.
Yang, TaoRubart, MichaelSoonpaa, Mark HDidié, MichaelChristalla, PeterZimmermann, Wolfram-Hubertus and Field, Loren J
PloS one, vol. 10, (no. 6), pp. e0131511, 2015. | Journal Article
Cardiomyocyte Cell-Cycle Activity during Preadolescence.
Soonpaa, Mark HZebrowski, David CPlatt, ColinRosenzweig, AnthonyEngel, Felix B and Field, Loren J
Cell, vol. 163, (no. 4), pp. 781-782, November 5, 2015. | Journal Article
In situ three-dimensional reconstruction of mouse heart sympathetic innervation by two-photon excitation fluorescence imaging.
Freeman, KimTao, WenSun, HongliSoonpaa, Mark H and Rubart, Michael
Journal of neuroscience methods, vol. 221, pp. 48-61, 2014/Jan/15. | Journal Article
Recombinant neuregulin 1 does not activate cardiomyocyte DNA synthesis in normal or infarcted adult mice.
Reuter, SeanReuter, SeanSoonpaa, Mark HSoonpaa, Mark HFirulli, Anthony BFirulli, Anthony BChang, Audrey NChang, Audrey NField, Loren J and Field, Loren J
PloS one, vol. 9, (no. 12), pp. e115871, 2014. | Journal Article
Abstract 5602: Cyclin D2- mediated cardiomyocyte cell cycle activity reverses doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity
Zhu, WuqiangZhu, WuqiangZhu, WuqiangSoonpaa, Mark HSoonpaa, Mark HSoonpaa, Mark HZhang, WenjunZhang, WenjunZhang, WenjunShou, WeinianShou, WeinianShou, WeinianPayne, MarkPayne, MarkPayne, MarkField, Loren JField, Loren J and Field, Loren J
Cancer Research, vol. 73, (no. 8 Supplement), pp. 5602, 2013-04-15. | Journal Article
Challenges measuring cardiomyocyte renewal.
Soonpaa, Mark HRubart, Michael and Field, Loren J
Biochimica et biophysica acta, vol. 1833, (no. 4), pp. 799-803, 2013/Apr. | Journal Article
Parthenogenetic stem cells for tissue-engineered heart repair.
Didié, MichaelDidié, M.Christalla, PeterChristalla, P.Rubart Vonderlohe, MichaelRubart, M.Muppala, V.Muppala, VijayakumarDöker, StephanDöker, S.Unsöld, BernhardUnsöld, B.El-Armouche, AliEl-Armouche, A.Rau, T.Rau, ThomasEschenhagen, ThomasEschenhagen, T.Schwoerer, A.P.Schwoerer, Alexander PEhmke, HeimoEhmke, H.Schumacher, U.Schumacher, UdoFuchs, S.Fuchs, SigridLange, ClaudiaLange, C.Becker, AlexanderBecker, A.Tao, W.Tao, WenScherschel, J.A.Scherschel, John ASoonpaa, M.H.Soonpaa, Mark HYang, TaoYang, T.Lin, Q.Lin, QiongZenke, M.Zenke, MartinHan, Dong-WookHan, D.-W.Schöler, Hans RSchöler, H.R.Rudolph, C.Rudolph, CorneliaSteinemann, DorisSteinemann, D.Schlegelberger, BrigitteSchlegelberger, B.Kattman, S.Kattman, SteveWitty, AlecWitty, A.Keller, G.Keller, GordonField, Loren JField, L.J.Zimmermann, Wolfram-Hubertus and Zimmermann, W.-H.
The Journal of clinical investigation, vol. 123, (no. 3), pp. 1285-98, 2013/Mar/1. | Journal Article
Parthenogenetic stem cells for tissueengineered heart repair
Didié, MichaelChristalla, PeterRubart Vonderlohe, MichaelMuppala, VijayakumarDöker, StephanUnsöld, BernhardEl-Armouche, AliRau, ThomasEschenhagen, ThomasSchwoerer, Alexander PEhmke, HeimoSchumacher, UdoFuchs, SigridLange, ClaudiaBecker, AlexanderTao, WenScherschel, John ASoonpaa, Mark HYang, TaoLin, QiongZenke, MartinHan, Dong-WookSchöler, Hans HRudolph, CorneliaSteinemann, DorisSchlegelberger, BrigitteKattman, SteveWitty, AlecKeller, GordonField, Loren J and Zimmermann, Wolfram-Hubertus
Journal of Clinical Investigation, vol. 123, (no. 3), pp. 1285-1298, Mar 2013. | Journal Article
Functional screening of intracardiac cell transplants using two-photon fluorescence microscopy.
Tao, WenTao, WenTao, WenSoonpaa, Mark HSoonpaa, Mark HSoonpaa, Mark HField, Loren JField, Loren JField, Loren JChen, Peng-ShengChen, Peng ShengChen, Peng-ShengFirulli, Anthony BFirulli, Anthony BFirulli, Anthony BShou, WeinianShou, WeinianShou, WeinianRubart, MichaelRubart, Michael and Rubart, Michael
Pediatric cardiology, vol. 33, (no. 6), pp. 929-37, 2012/Aug. | Journal Article
Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor treatment plus dipeptidylpeptidase-IV inhibition augments myocardial regeneration in mice expressing cyclin D2 in adult cardiomyocytes
Zaruba, Marc-MichaelZhu, WuqiangSoonpaa, Mark HReuter, SeanFranz, Wolfgang-Michael and Field, Loren J
European Heart Journal, vol. 33, (no. 1), pp. 129-137, 2012. | Journal Article
Cardiomyogenic potential of C-kit(+)-expressing cells derived from neonatal and adult mouse hearts.
Zaruba, Marc-MichaelSoonpaa, Mark HReuter, Sean and Field, Loren J
Circulation, vol. 121, (no. 18), pp. 1992-2000, 2010/May/11. | Journal Article
Limitations of conventional approaches to identify myocyte nuclei in histologic sections of the heart
Ang, Keng-LeongShenje, Lincoln TReuter, SeanSoonpaa, Mark HRubart Vonderlohe, MichaelField, Loren J and Galiñanes, Manuel
American Journal of Physiology, vol. 298, (no. 6), Jun 2010. | Journal Article
Acute doxorubicin cardiotoxicity is associated with p53-induced inhibition of the mammalian target of rapamycin pathway.
Zhu, WuqiangZhu, WuqiangZhu, WuqiangZhu, WuqiangSoonpaa, MarkSoonpaa, Mark HSoonpaa, MarkSoonpaa, MarkChen, HanyingChen, HanyingChen, HanyingChen, HanyingShen, WeihuaShen, WeihuaShen, WeihuaShen, WeihuaPayne, R.Payne, R.Payne, R MPayne, R.Liechty, EdwardLiechty, Edward ALiechty, EdwardLiechty, EdwardCaldwell, RandallCaldwell, RandallCaldwell, RandallCaldwell, Randall LShou, WeinianShou, WeinianShou, WeinianShou, WeinianField, LorenField, LorenField, Loren and Field, Loren J
Circulation, vol. 119, (no. 1), pp. 99-106, 2009/Jan/6. | Journal Article
Acute doxorubicin cardiotoxicity is associated with p53-induced inhibition of the mammalian target of rapamycin pathway.(Molecular Cardiology)
Caldwell, RandallField, LorenLiechty, EdwardShou, WeinianSoonpaa, MarkPayne, R.Shen, WeihuaChen, HanyingZhu, WuqiangCaldwell, RandallField, LorenLiechty, EdwardShou, WeinianSoonpaa, MarkPayne, R.Shen, WeihuaChen, HanyingZhu, WuqiangCaldwell, RandallField, LorenLiechty, EdwardShou, WeinianSoonpaa, MarkPayne, R.Shen, WeihuaChen, HanyingZhu, WuqiangCaldwell, RandallField, LorenLiechty, EdwardShou, WeinianSoonpaa, MarkPayne, R.Shen, WeihuaChen, Hanying and Zhu, Wuqiang
Circulation, vol. 119, (no. 1), pp. 106, 20090106. | Journal Article
Adult bone marrow-derived cells do not acquire functional attributes of cardiomyocytes when transplanted into peri-infarct myocardium.
Scherschel, John ASoonpaa, Mark HSrour, Edward FField, Loren J and Rubart, Michael
Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy, vol. 16, (no. 6), pp. 1129-37, 2008/Jun. | Journal Article
Cardiomyocyte cell cycle activation improves cardiac function after myocardial infarction.
Hassink, Rutger JPasumarthi, KishoreNakajima, HidehiroRubart Vonderlohe, MichaelSoonpaa, Mark Hde la Rivière, Aart BDoevendans, Pieter A and Field, Loren J
Cardiovascular research, vol. 78, (no. 1), pp. 18-25, 2008/Apr/1. | Journal Article
Human cardiovascular progenitor cells develop from a KDR+ embryonic-stem-cell-derived population.
Yang, LeiKeller, Gordon MSoonpaa, Mark HYang, LeiAdler, EricSoonpaa, Mark HAdler, Eric DRoepke, Torsten KKattman, Steven JRoepke, Torsten KKattman, Steven JKennedy, MarionHenckaerts, ElsKennedy, MarionBonham, KristinaHenckaerts, ElsAbbott, Geoffrey WBonham, KristinaAbbott, Geoffrey WLinden, R MField, Loren JLinden, R. MichaelKeller, Gordon M and Field, Loren J
Nature, vol. 453, (no. 7194), pp. 524-8, 2008/May/22. | Journal Article
Human cardiovascular progenitor cells develop from a [KDR.sup.+] embryonic-stem-cell-derived population
Yang, LeiYang, LeiSoonpaa, MarkSoonpaa, MarkAdler, EricAdler, EricRoepke, TorstenRoepke, TorstenKattman, StevenKattman, StevenKennedy, MarionKennedy, MarionHenckaerts, ElsHenckaerts, ElsBonham, KristinaBonham, KristinaAbbott, GeoffreyAbbott, GeoffreyLinden, R.Linden, R.Field, LorenField, LorenKeller, Gordon and Keller, Gordon
Nature, vol. 453, (no. 7194), pp. 524, 20080522. | Journal Article
Human cardiovascular progenitor cells develop from a KDR^sup +^ embryonic-stem-cell-derived population
Yang, LeiYang, LeiYang, LeiSoonpaa, Mark HSoonpaa, MarkSoonpaa, MarkAdler, EricAdler, EricAdler, EricRoepke, TorstenRoepke, Torsten KRoepke, TorstenKattman, StevenKattman, Steven JKattman, StevenKennedy, MarionKennedy, MarionKennedy, MarionHenckaerts, ElsHenckaerts, ElsHenckaerts, ElsBonham, KristinaBonham, KristinaBonham, KristinaAbbott, GeoffreyAbbott, GeoffreyAbbott, Geoffrey WLinden, R MLinden, RLinden, RField, LorenField, LorenField, Loren JKeller, GordonKeller, Gordon and Keller, Gordon M
Nature, vol. 453, (no. 7194), pp. 524, 20080522. | Journal Article
Lineage tracing of cardiac explant derived cells.
Shenje, Lincoln TField, Loren JPritchard, Catrin AGuerin, Christopher JRubart, MichaelSoonpaa, Mark HAng, Keng-Leong and Galiñanes, Manuel
PLoS ONE, vol. 3, (no. 4), pp. e1929, 2008. | Journal Article
Overexpression of Bone Morphogenetic Protein 10 in Myocardium Disrupts Cardiac Postnatal Hypertrophic Growth
Chen, HanyingChen, HanyingYong, WeidongYong, WeidongRen, ShuxunRen, ShuxunShen, WeihuaShen, WeihuaHe, YongzhengHe, YongzhengCox, Karen ACox, Karen AZhu, WuqiangZhu, WuqiangLi, WeiLi, WeiSoonpaa, Mark HSoonpaa, MarkPayne, R MarkPayne, RMarkFranco, DiegoFranco, DiegoField, Loren JField, Loren JRosen, VickiRosen, VickiWang, YibinWang, YibinShou, Weinian and Shou, Weinian
Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 281, (no. 37), pp. 27481-27491, 2006. | Journal Article