• Organic petrology
  • Organic geochemistry
  • Coal geology
  • Coal chemistry
  • Coal petrology
  • Coal macerals and mineral matter
  • Coal ash characterization
  • Mercury in coal and coal ash
  • Coking coal
  • Coal mine roof conditions
  • Coal quality
  • Coalbed methane

My area of expertise is coal geology, organic petrology, and geochemistry.

I have also wide laboratory-oriented experience; I have developed and applied electron microprobe and reflectance micro-FTIR to study light element composition and functional group distributions in organic matter.

My current projects include characterization of Indiana coals, investigation of coalbed methane potential and CO2 sorption into the coal, importance of stable isotopes in organic matter maturation, coal gasification, and shale gas.

PhD, Silesian Technical University, Poland, Mining, 1988
MSc, Wroclaw University, Poland, Geology, 1981
australia canada poland geochemistry geology petrology coal chemistry coal natural gas
French, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian