Research of Wintsch and students working with him spans several aspects of metamorphic geology, from diagenesis and low grade metamorphism in slaty rocks to high grade metamorphism and partial melting. Much of this research focuses on identifying the relationships between deformational and metamorphic processes, from the grain scale and pressure solution to the scale of terranes and terrane assembly. Metamorphic petrology, structural petrology, tectonics, geochronology.

Past Affiliations

Professor Emeritus, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington
1975 - current

Geologist, International MInerals and Chemcials Corp

Visiting Scientist, National Science Foundation

Program Director, National Science Foundation

Visiting Professor, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich

Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan

Geologist, Anaconda American Brass

Leverhulm Fellow, University of Leeds

Geologist, United States Geological Survey

PhD, Brown University, 1975
BA, Beloit College, 1969
colloid & surface chemistry geochemistry geology structural geology mineralogy petrology sedimentology tectonics
German, Schwyzerdütsch
American Geophysical Union
Geological Society
Geological Society of America
Mineralogical Society of America