Areas of Interest

  • Neuroscience
  • Cognitive Science

Research Topics

  • Information processing by neural circuits
  • Neurophysiology of learning and memory
  • Modulation of circuit dynamics
  • Neuromodulation by acetylcholine
  • Alzheimer's disease

How do neural circuits give rise to memory? To answer this question, we combine optogenetics, DREADDs, pharmacology, and behavioral manipulations with high-density tetrode and depth-probe recordings of neural activity in awake behaving rats. We are most interested in areas known as the hippocampus, medial septum, and entorhinal cortex, all of which have all been shown to have important roles in memory in humans and animals.

We focus our energy to make progress on three fronts:

  1. Visualizing neural information processing
  2. Understanding role of acetylcholine for memory formation
  3. Detecting Alzheimer's disease

Research Interests

  • systems neuroscience; learning and memory; circuits; high-density electrophysiology; optogenetics; neural rhythms; theta and gamma rhythms; acetylcholine; neuromodulation; neural information processing; modeling of neural circuits

Subject Area

  • Psychological and Brain Sciences
Neuroscience, Psychology
PhD, Princeton University, Psychology, 2008
MA, Princeton University, 2004
BS, Brandeis University, Neuroscience, 2002