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Patient acceptance of teleneurology across neurologic conditions. Journal of Neurology
. | Journal Article
Documented Goals of Care Conversations with Hospitalized Patients after Severe Stroke
Comer, A.R.Bartlett, S.Holloway, R.Creutzfeldt, C.J.Slaven, J.E.D?Cruz, L.Endris, K.Marchand, M.Zepeda, I.Toor, S.Waite, C.Jawed, A. and Torke, A.M.
Building cohesion in distributed telemedicine teams: findings from the Department of Veterans Affairs National Telestroke Program
Patel, HimalayaPatel, H.Patel, HimalayaPatel, HimalayaDamush, Teresa MDamush, Teresa MDamush, T.M.Damush, Teresa MMiech, Edward JMiech, E.J.Miech, Edward JMiech, Edward JRattray, Nicholas ARattray, Nicholas ARattray, N.A.Rattray, Nicholas AMartin, H.A.Martin, Holly AMartin, Holly AMartin, Holly ASavoy, A.Savoy, AprilSavoy, AprilSavoy, AprilPlue, LauriePlue, LauriePlue, L.Plue, LaurieAnderson, JaneAnderson, JaneAnderson, JaneAnderson, J.Martini, SharylMartini, SharylMartini, S.Martini, SharylGraham, G.D.Graham, Glenn DGraham, Glenn DGraham, Glenn DWilliams, Linda SWilliams, Linda SWilliams, Linda S and Williams, L.S.
BMC Health Services Research, vol. 21, pp. 1-11, 2021. | Journal Article
Development and Validation of a 30-Day In-hospital Mortality Model Among Seriously Ill Transferred Patients: a Retrospective Cohort Study
Mahendraker, NeetuFlanagan, MindyFlanagan, MindyAzar, JoseAzar, JoseWilliams, Linda S and Williams, Linda S
Journal of General Internal Medicine, vol. 36, (no. 8), pp. 2244-2250, Aug 2021. | Journal Article
Implementation Science
Williams, Linda S. and Vickrey, Barbara G.
Stroke, vol. 52, pp. 4054–4056. | Journal Article
Implementation Science
Williams, Linda S. and Vickrey, Barbara G.
(pp. 4054–4056). Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health)
Implementation Science
Williams, Linda S. and Vickrey, Barbara G.
Stroke, vol. 52, pp. 4054–4056. | Journal Article
Implementation Science
Williams, Linda S. and Vickrey, Barbara G.
Stroke, vol. 52, pp. 4054–4056. | Journal Article
Implementation Science
Williams, Linda S. and Vickrey, Barbara G.
(pp. 4054–4056). Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health)
Diagnosing and Treating Sleep Apnea in Patients With Acute Cerebrovascular Disease
Bravata, Dawn MBravata, Dawn MBravata, D.M.Sico, JasonSico, J.Sico, JasonVaz Fragoso, C.A.Vaz Fragoso, Carlos AVaz Fragoso, Carlos AMiech, Edward JMiech, Edward JMiech, E.J.Matthias, M.S.Matthias, Marianne SMatthias, Marianne SLampert, RachelLampert, R.Lampert, RachelWilliams, Linda SWilliams, L.S.Williams, Linda SConcato, J.Concato, JohnConcato, JohnIvan, C.S.Ivan, Cristina SIvan, Cristina SFleck, J.D.Fleck, J DFleck, J DTobias, LaurenTobias, LaurenTobias, L.Austin, CharlesAustin, C.Austin, CharlesFerguson, JaredFerguson, J.Ferguson, JaredRadulescu, RaduRadulescu, RaduRadulescu, R.Iannone, L.Iannone, LynneIannone, LynneOfner, S.Ofner, SusanOfner, SusanTaylor, StanleyTaylor, S.Taylor, StanleyQin, L.Qin, LiQin, LiWon, ChristineWon, ChristineWon, C.Klar Yaggi, H.Yaggi, H KlarYaggi, H Klar and Roudebush, R.L.
Journal of the American Heart Association, vol. 7, (no. 16), pp. e008841, 2018-08-21. | Journal Article
Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) for Acute Stroke: Rationale, Methods and Future Directions
Reeves, MathewLisabeth, LyndaWilliams, LindaKatzan, IreneKapral, MoiraDeutsch, Anne and Prvu-Bettger, Janet
Stroke, vol. 49, (no. 6), pp. 1556, 2018-May-22. | Journal Article
Quality of Care for Veterans With Transient Ischemic Attack and Minor Stroke.
Bravata, Dawn MMyers, Laura JArling, GregMiech, Edward JDamush, TeresaSico, Jason JPhipps, Michael SZillich, Alan JYu, ZhangshengReeves, MathewWilliams, Linda SJohanning, JasonChaturvedi, SeemantBaye, FitsumOfner, SusanAustin, CurtFerguson, JaredGraham, Glenn DRhude, RachelKessler, Chad SHiggins, Donald S and Cheng, Eric
JAMA neurology, February 5, 2018. | Journal Article
Receipt of cardiac screening does not influence 1-year post-cerebrovascular event mortality
Sico, Jason JSico, Jason JSico, Jason JBaye, FitsumBaye, FitsumBaye, FitsumMyers, Laura JMyers, Laura JMyers, Laura JConcato, JohnConcato, JohnConcato, JohnFerguson, JaredFerguson, JaredFerguson, JaredCheng, Eric MCheng, Eric MCheng, Eric MJadbabaie, FaridJadbabaie, FaridJadbabaie, FaridYu, ZhangshengYu, ZhangshengYu, ZhangshengArling, GregoryArling, GregoryArling, GregoryZillich, Alan JZillich, Alan JZillich, Alan JReeves, Mathew JReeves, Mathew JReeves, Mathew JWilliams, Linda SWilliams, Linda SWilliams, Linda SBravata, Dawn MBravata, Dawn M and Bravata, Dawn M
Neurology. Clinical practice, vol. 8, (no. 3), pp. 200, 2018-Jun. | Journal Article
Development and Validation of Electronic Quality Measures to Assess Care for Patients With Transient Ischemic Attack and Minor Ischemic Stroke
Bravata, Dawn MBravata, Dawn MBravata, Dawn MMyers, Laura JMyers, Laura JMyers, Laura JCheng, EricCheng, EricCheng, EricReeves, MathewReeves, MathewReeves, MathewBaye, FitsumBaye, FitsumBaye, FitsumYu, ZhangshengYu, ZhangshengYu, ZhangshengDamush, TeresaDamush, TeresaDamush, TeresaMiech, Edward JMiech, Edward JMiech, Edward JSico, JasonSico, JasonSico, JasonPhipps, MichaelPhipps, MichaelPhipps, MichaelZillich, AlanZillich, AlanZillich, AlanJohanning, JasonJohanning, JasonJohanning, JasonChaturvedi, SeemantChaturvedi, SeemantChaturvedi, SeemantAustin, CurtAustin, CurtAustin, CurtFerguson, JaredFerguson, JaredFerguson, JaredMaryfield, BaileyMaryfield, BaileyMaryfield, BaileySnow, KathySnow, KathySnow, KathyOfner, SusanOfner, SusanOfner, SusanGraham, GlennGraham, GlennGraham, GlennRhude, RachelRhude, RachelRhude, RachelWilliams, Linda SWilliams, Linda SWilliams, Linda SArling, GregArling, Greg and Arling, Greg
Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes, vol. 10, (no. 9), 2017-Sep. | Journal Article
Development, Validation, and Assessment of an Ischemic Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack-Specific Prediction Tool for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Sico, Jason JYaggi, H KlarOfner, SusanConcato, JohnAustin, CharlesFerguson, JaredQin, LiTobias, LaurenTaylor, StanleyVaz Fragoso, Carlos AMcLain, VincentWilliams, Linda S and Bravata, Dawn M
Journal of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases : the official journal of National Stroke Association, April 14, 2017. | Journal Article
Diagnosing and managing sleep apnea in patients with chronic cerebrovascular disease: a randomized trial of a home-based strategy
Bravata, DawnBravata, D.M.Bravata, DawnMcClain, V.McClain, VincentMcclain, VincentAustin, C.Austin, CharlesAustin, CharlesFerguson, JaredFerguson, J.Ferguson, JaredBurrus, NicholasBurrus, N.Burrus, NicholasMiech, EdwardMiech, E.J.Miech, EdwardMatthias, M.S.Matthias, MarianneMatthias, MarianneChumbler, NealeChumbler, N.Chumbler, NealeOfner, SusanOfner, S.Ofner, SusanForesman, B.Foresman, BrianForesman, BrianSico, J.Sico, JasonSico, JasonVaz Fragoso, C.A.Vaz Fragoso, CarlosVaz Fragoso, CarlosWilliams, LindaWilliams, L.S.Williams, LindaAgarwal, RajivAgarwal, RajivAgarwal, R.Concato, JohnConcato, J.Concato, JohnKlar Yaggi, HKlar Yaggi, H and Klar Yaggi, H.
Sleep and Breathing, vol. 21, (no. 3), pp. 713-725, Sep 2017. | Journal Article
Disparities and guideline adherence in drugs of abuse screening in intracerebral hemorrhage
Tormoehlen, LauraTormoehlen, LauraTormoehlen, LauraTormoehlen, LauraTormoehlen, LauraBlatsioris, AshleyBlatsioris, AshleyBlatsioris, AshleyBlatsioris, AshleyBlatsioris, AshleyMoser, ElizabethMoser, ElizabethMoser, ElizabethMoser, ElizabethMoser, ElizabethCarter, RavanCarter, RavanCarter, RavanCarter, RavanCarter, RavanStevenson, AlecStevenson, AlecStevenson, AlecStevenson, AlecStevenson, AlecOfner, SusanOfner, SusanOfner, SusanOfner, SusanOfner, SusanHulin, AbigailHulin, AbigailHulin, AbigailHulin, AbigailHulin, AbigailOʼNeill, DarrenOʼNeill, DarrenOʼNeill, DarrenOʼNeill, DarrenOʼNeill, DarrenCohen-Gadol, AaronCohen-Gadol, AaronCohen-Gadol, AaronCohen-Gadol, AaronCohen Gadol, AaronLeipzig, ThomasLeipzig, ThomasLeipzig, ThomasLeipzig, ThomasLeipzig, ThomasWilliams, LindaWilliams, LindaWilliams, LindaWilliams, LindaWilliams, LindaMackey, JasonMackey, JasonMackey, JasonMackey, Jason and Mackey, Jason
Neurology, vol. 88, (no. 3), pp. 258, 2017-January-17. | Journal Article
Have clinicians adopted the use of brain MRI for patients with TIA and minor stroke?
Chaturvedi, SeemantChaturvedi, SeemantChaturvedi, SeemantChaturvedi, SeemantOfner, SusanOfner, SusanOfner, SusanOfner, SusanBaye, FitsumBaye, FitsumBaye, FitsumBaye, FitsumMyers, LauraMyers, Laura JMyers, LauraMyers, LauraPhipps, MikePhipps, MikePhipps, MikePhipps, MikeSico, JasonSico, JasonSico, Jason JSico, JasonDamush, TeresaDamush, TeresaDamush, TeresaDamush, TeresaMiech, EdwardMiech, EdwardMiech, EdwardMiech, EdwardReeves, MatReeves, MatReeves, MatReeves, MatJohanning, JasonJohanning, JasonJohanning, JasonJohanning, JasonWilliams, LindaWilliams, LindaWilliams, Linda SWilliams, LindaArling, GregArling, GregArling, GregArling, GregCheng, EricCheng, EricCheng, EricCheng, EricYu, ZhangshengYu, ZhangshengYu, ZhangshengYu, ZhangshengBravata, DawnBravata, DawnBravata, Dawn and Bravata, Dawn
Neurology, vol. 88, (no. 3), pp. 244, 2017-January-17. | Journal Article
Interactive Voice Response—An Innovative Approach to Post-Stroke Depression Self-Management Support
Skolarus, LesliSkolarus, LesliPiette, JohnPiette, JohnPfeiffer, PaulPfeiffer, PaulWilliams, LindaWilliams, LindaMackey, JasonMackey, JasonHughes, RebeccaHughes, RebeccaMorgenstern, Lewis and Morgenstern, Lewis
Translational Stroke Research, vol. 8, (no. 1), pp. 82, 20170200. | Journal Article
Poststroke Depression: A Scientific Statement for Healthcare Professionals From the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association
Towfighi, AmytisOvbiagele, BruceEl Husseini, NadaHackett, MareeJorge, RicardoKissela, BrettMitchell, PamelaSkolarus, LesliWhooley, Mary and Williams, Linda
Stroke, vol. 48, (no. 2), pp. e43, 2017-February. | Journal Article
Prophylactic Anticonvulsants in Intracerebral Hemorrhage.
Mackey, JasonMackey, JasonBlatsioris, Ashley D.Blatsioris, Ashley DMoser, Elizabeth A SMoser, Elizabeth A. S.Carter, Ravan J. L.Carter, Ravan J LSaha, ChandanSaha, ChandanStevenson, AlecStevenson, AlecHulin, Abigail LHulin, Abigail L.O’Neill, Darren P.O'Neill, Darren PCohen-Gadol, Aaron ACohen-Gadol, Aaron A.Leipzig, Thomas J.Leipzig, Thomas JWilliams, Linda S. and Williams, Linda S
Neurocritical care, March 21, 2017. | Journal Article
Selective Cutoff Reporting in Studies of Diagnostic Test Accuracy: A Comparison of Conventional and Individual-Patient-Data Meta-Analyses of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 Depression Screening Tool
Levis, BrookeLevis, BrookeBenedetti, AneaBenedetti, AndreaLevis, Alexander WLevis, AlexanderIoannidis, John P AIoannidis, JohnShrier, IanShrier, IanCuijpers, PimCuijpers, PimGilbody, SimonGilbody, SimonKloda, LorieKloda, Lorie AMcMillan, DeanMcMillan, DeanPatten, ScottPatten, Scott BSteele, Russell JSteele, RussellZiegelstein, RoyZiegelstein, Roy CBombardier, CharlesBombardier, Charles Hde Lima Osório, FlaviaLima Osório, FlaviaFann, JesseFann, Jesse RGjerdingen, DwendaGjerdingen, DwendaLamers, FemkeLamers, FemkeLotrakul, ManoteLotrakul, ManoteLoureiro, SoniaLoureiro, Sonia RLöwe, BerndLöwe, BerndShaaban, JuwitaShaaban, JuwitaStafford, LesleyStafford, Lesleyvan Weert, Henk C P MWeert, HenkWhooley, Mary AWhooley, MaryWilliams, LindaWilliams, Linda SWittkampf, Karin AWittkampf, KarinYeung, AlbertYeung, Albert SThombs, Brett and Thombs, Brett D
American journal of epidemiology, vol. 185, (no. 10), pp. 964, 2017. | Journal Article
A cluster-randomised quality improvement study to improve two inpatient stroke quality indicators.
Williams, LindaDaggett, VirginiaSlaven, James EYu, ZhangshengSager, DanielleMyers, JenniferPlue, LaurieWoodward-Hagg, Heather and Damush, Teresa M
BMJ quality & safety, vol. 25, (no. 4), pp. 257-264, April 2016. | Journal Article
An International Standard Set of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures After Stroke.
Salinas, JoelSalinas, JoelSalinas, J.Salinas, J.Sprinkhuizen, Sara MSprinkhuizen, S.M.Sprinkhuizen, Sara M.Sprinkhuizen, S.M.Ackerson, TeriAckerson, T.Ackerson, TeriAckerson, T.Bernhardt, JulieBernhardt, JulieBernhardt, J.Davie, C.Davie, C.Davie, CharlieDavie, CharlieGeorge, Mary GGeorge, Mary G.George, M.G.George, M.G.Gething, StephanieGething, S.Gething, StephanieGething, S.Kelly, Adam G.Kelly, Adam GKelly, A.G.Kelly, A.G.Lindsay, PatriceLindsay, P.Lindsay, P.Lindsay, PatriceLiu, L.Liu, L.Liu, LipingLiu, LipingMartins, Sheila C OMartins, S.C.O.Martins, Sheila C.O.Martins, S.C.O.Morgan, L.Morgan, LouiseMorgan, LouiseMorgan, L.Norrving, B.Norrving, BoNorrving, BoNorrving, B.Ribbers, Gerard M.Ribbers, G.M.Ribbers, Gerard MRibbers, G.M.Silver, Frank LSilver, Frank L.Silver, F.L.Silver, F.L.Smith, Eric E.Smith, E.E.Smith, E.E.Smith, Eric EWilliams, L.S.Williams, Linda S.Williams, L.S.Williams, Linda SSchwamm, Lee H.Schwamm, Lee HSchwamm, L.H. and Schwamm, L.H.
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Common Reasons That Asymptomatic Patients Who Are 65 Years and Older Receive Carotid Imaging.
Keyhani, SalomehKeyhani, SalomehCheng, Eric MCheng, Eric MNaseri, AymanNaseri, AymanHalm, Ethan AHalm, Ethan AWilliams, Linda SWilliams, Linda SJohanning, JasonJohanning, JasonMadden, ErinMadden, ErinRofagha, SorayaRofagha, SorayaWoodbridge, AlexandraWoodbridge, AlexandraAbraham, AnnAbraham, AnnAhn, RosaAhn, RosaSaba, SusanSaba, SusanEilkhani, ElnazEilkhani, ElnazHebert, PaulHebert, PaulBravata, Dawn M and Bravata, Dawn M
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