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Evidence from internet search data shows information-seeking responses to news of local COVID-19 cases
Bento, Ana IBento, Ana IBento, Ana INguyen, ThuyNguyen, ThuyNguyen, ThuyWing, CoadyWing, CoadyWing, CoadyLozano-Rojas, FelipeLozano-Rojas, FelipeLozano-Rojas, FelipeAhn, Yong-YeolAhn, Yong-YeolAhn, Yong YeolSimon, KosaliSimon, Kosali and Simon, Kosali
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, pp. 202005335, 2020-May-04. | Journal Article
CluSim: a python package for calculating clustering similarity
Gates, AlexanderGates, AlexanderAhn, Yong-Yeol and Ahn, Yong Yeol
Journal of Open Source Software, vol. 4, (no. 35), pp. 1264, 2019-03-21. | Journal Article
Community-Based Event Detection in Temporal Networks.
Moriano, PabloFinke, Jorge and Ahn, Yong Yeol
Scientific reports, vol. 9, (no. 1), pp. 4358, March 13, 2019. | Journal Article
Co-prescription network reveals social dynamics of opioid doctor shopping.
Perry, Brea LPerry, B.L.Perry, Brea LPerry, Brea LYang, Kai ChengYang, K.C.Yang, Kai ChengKaminski, P.Kaminski, PatrickKaminski, PatrickKaminski, PatrickOdabas, M.Odabas, MeltemOdabas, MeltemOdabas, MeltemPark, JaehyukPark, J.Park, JaehyukPark, JaehyukMartel, MichelleMartel, MichelleMartel, MichelleMartel, M.Oser, Carrie BOser, Carrie BOser, C.B.Oser, Carrie BFreeman, Patricia RFreeman, P.R.Freeman, Patricia RFreeman, Patricia RAhn, Yong-YeolAhn, Y.-Y.Ahn, Yong YeolTalbert, JefferyTalbert, JefferyTalbert, Jeffery and Talbert, J.
PloS one, vol. 14, (no. 10), pp. e0223849, 2019. | Journal Article
Element-centric clustering comparison unifies overlaps and hierarchy.
Gates, Alexander JWood, Ian BHetrick, William P and Ahn, Yong Yeol
Scientific reports, vol. 9, (no. 1), pp. 8574, June 12, 2019. | Journal Article
Evolution of the Informational Complexity of Contemporary Western Music
Parmer, Thomas and Ahn, Yong Yeol
2019-07-09. | Journal Article
Factors affecting sex-related reporting in medical research: a cross-disciplinary bibliometric analysis.
Sugimoto, Cassidy RSugimoto, Cassidy RAhn, Yong YeolAhn, Yong-YeolSmith, EliseSmith, EliseMacaluso, BenoitMacaluso, BenoitLarivière, Vincent and Larivière, Vincent
Lancet (London, England), vol. 393, (no. 10171), pp. 550-559, February 9, 2019. | Journal Article
Global labor flow network reveals the hierarchical organization and dynamics of geo-industrial clusters.
Park, JaehyukWood, Ian BJing, EliseNematzadeh, AzadehGhosh, SouvikConover, Michael D and Ahn, Yong Yeol
Nature communications, vol. 10, (no. 1), pp. 3449, August 1, 2019. | Journal Article
Massive Multi-Agent Data-Driven Simulations of the GitHub Ecosystem
Blythe, JimBlythe, JimBollenbacher, JohnBollenbacher, JohnHuang, DiHuang, DiHui, Pik-MaiHui, Pik-MaiKrohn, RachelKrohn, RachelPacheco, DiogoPacheco, DiogoMuric, GoranMuric, GoranSapienza, AnnaSapienza, AnnaTregubov, AlexeyTregubov, AlexeyAhn, Yong YeolAhn, Yong-YeolFlammini, AlessandroFlammini, AlessandroLerman, KristinaLerman, KristinaMenczer, FilippoMenczer, FilippoWeninger, TimWeninger, TimFerrara, Emilio and Ferrara, Emilio
2019-08-15. | Journal Article
Optimal modularity and memory capacity of neural reservoirs.
Rodriguez, NathanielRodriguez, NathanielIzquierdo, EduardoIzquierdo, EduardoAhn, Yong-Yeol and Ahn, Yong Yeol
Network neuroscience (Cambridge, Mass.), vol. 3, (no. 2), pp. 551-566, 2019. | Journal Article
Race and the beauty premium: Mechanical Turk workers' evaluations of Twitter accounts
Groggel, AnneGroggel, AnneGroggel, AnneGroggel, AnneNilizadeh, ShirinNilizadeh, ShirinNilizadeh, ShirinNilizadeh, ShirinAhn, Yong-YeolAhn, Yong-YeolAhn, Yong-YeolAhn, Yong YeolKapadia, ApuKapadia, ApuKapadia, ApuKapadia, ApuRojas, FabioRojas, FabioRojas, Fabio and Rojas, Fabio
Information, Communication & Society, vol. 22, (no. 5), pp. 716, 4/16/2019. | Journal Article
Sameness Attracts, Novelty Disturbs, but Outliers Flourish in Fanfiction Online
Jing, EliseDeDeo, Simon and Ahn, Yong Yeol
2019-04-16. | Journal Article
Optimal modularity in complex contagion
Nematzadeh, AzadehRodriguez, NathanielFlammini, Alessandro and Ahn, Yong Yeol
2018-05-31. | Journal Article
SemAxis: A Lightweight Framework to Characterize Domain-Specific Word Semantics Beyond Sentiment
An, JisunKwak, Haewoon and Ahn, Yong Yeol
2018-06-14. | Journal Article
Spreading in Social Systems: Reflections
Lehmann, Sune and Ahn, Yong Yeol
2018-01-07. | Journal Article
A systematic identification and analysis of scientists on Twitter.
Ke, QingKe, QingAhn, Yong-YeolAhn, Yong YeolSugimoto, Cassidy R and Sugimoto, Cassidy R
PloS one, vol. 12, (no. 4), pp. e0175368, 2017. | Journal Article
Data-driven Methods for the Study of Food Perception, Preparation, Consumption, and Culture
Mouritsen, Ole GEdwards-Stuart, RachelAhn, Yong Yeol and Ahnert, Sebastian E
Frontiers in ICT, vol. 4, 2017-05-30. | Journal Article
Inverse Resolution Limit of Partition Density and Detecting Overlapping Communities by Link-Surprise
Lee, JuyongZhang, Zhong-YuanLee, JooyoungBrooks, Bernard R and Ahn, Yong Yeol
Scientific reports, vol. 7, (no. 1), pp. 13, 2017-09-29. | Journal Article
Social contagions on weighted networks.
Zhu, Yu-XiaoWang, WeiTang, Ming and Ahn, Yong Yeol
Physical review. E, vol. 96, (no. 1-1), pp. 012306, July 2017. | Journal Article
The Impact of Random Models on Clustering Similarity
Gates, Alexander JGates, Alexander JAhn, Yong-Yeol and Ahn, Yong Yeol
2017-01-23. | Journal Article
The Minor fall, the Major lift: inferring emotional valence of musical chords through lyrics
Kolchinsky, ArtemyDhande, NakulPark, Kengjeun and Ahn, Yong Yeol
Royal Society open science, vol. 4, (no. 11), pp. 170952, 2017-Nov. | Journal Article
The Minor Fall, the Major Lift: Inferring Emotional Valence of Musical Chords through Lyrics
Mauch, MatthiasKolchinsky, ArtemyDhande, NakulMacCallum, Robert MLevy, MarkPark, KengjeunLeroi, Armand M and Ahn, Yong Yeol
2017-06-26. | Journal Article
Collective Dynamics of Belief Evolution under Cognitive Coherence and Social Conformity.
Rodriguez, NathanielBollen, Johan and Ahn, Yong Yeol
PloS one, vol. 11, (no. 11), pp. e0165910, 2016. | Journal Article
Gendered Conversation in a Social Game-Streaming Platform
Nakandala, SupunNakandala, SupunCiampaglia, Giovanni LucaCiampaglia, Giovanni LucaSu, Norman MakotoSu, Norman MakotoAhn, Yong-Yeol and Ahn, Yong Yeol
2016-11-19. | Journal Article
Network Landscape of Western Classical Music
Bae, ArramPark, DoheumPark, Juyong and Ahn, Yong Yeol
Leonardo, vol. 49, (no. 5), pp. 448, 2016October01. | Journal Article