16 Publications
ANKRD24 organizes TRIOBP to reinforce stereocilia insertion points.
Krey, Jocelyn FKrey, Jocelyn F.Liu, ChangLiu, ChangBelyantseva, Inna A.Belyantseva, Inna ABateschell, MichaelBateschell, MichaelDumont, Rachel ADumont, Rachel A.Goldsmith, JenniferGoldsmith, JenniferChatterjee, ParomaChatterjee, ParomaMorrill, Rachel SMorrill, Rachel S.Fedorov, Lev M.Fedorov, Lev MFoster, SarahFoster, SarahKim, Jinkyungal.Nuttall, Alfred LJones, Sherri MChoi, DongseokFriedman, Thomas BRicci, Anthony JZhao, Bo and Barr-Gillespie, Peter G
The Journal of cell biology, vol. 221, (no. 4), April 4, 2022. | Journal Article
Autophagy proteins are essential for aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss.
Li, JinanLiu, ChangMüller, Ulrich and Zhao, Bo
Autophagy, pp. 1-2, October 2, 2022. | Journal Article
Collapsin Response Mediator Protein 1 (CRMP1) Is Required for High-Frequency Hearing.
Li, JinanLiu, Chang and Zhao, Bo
The American journal of pathology, February 15, 2022. | Journal Article
RIPOR2-mediated autophagy dysfunction is critical for aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss.
Li, JinanLiu, ChangMüller, Ulrich and Zhao, Bo
Developmental cell, vol. 57, (no. 18), pp. 2204-2220.e6, September 26, 2022. | Journal Article
Murine GRXCR1 Has a Different Function Than GRXCR2 in the Morphogenesis of Stereocilia.
Liu, Chang and Zhao, Bo
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience, vol. 15, pp. 714070, 2021. | Journal Article
N-Terminus of GRXCR2 Interacts With CLIC5 and Is Essential for Auditory Perception.
Li, JinanLiu, Chang and Zhao, Bo
Frontiers in cell and developmental biology, vol. 9, pp. 671364, 2021. | Journal Article
Actin at stereocilia tips is regulated by mechanotransduction and ADF/cofilin.
McGrath, JamisTung, Chun-YuLiao, XiayiBelyantseva, Inna ARoy, PallabiChakraborty, OisorjoLi, JinanBerbari, Nicolas FFaaborg-Andersen, Christian CBarzik, MelanieBird, Jonathan EZhao, BoBalakrishnan, LataFriedman, Thomas B and Perrin, Benjamin J
Current biology : CB, December 22, 2020. | Journal Article
A RIPOR2 in-frame deletion is a frequent and highly penetrant cause of adult-onset hearing loss.
de Bruijn, Suzanne EBruijn SEJJ, SmitsSmits, Jeroen JLiu, ChangC, LiuCP, LantingLanting, Cornelis PBeynon, Andy JAJ, BeynonJ, BlankevoortBlankevoort, JoëlleOostrik, JaapJ, OostrikKoole, WouterW, Koolede Vrieze, ErikVrieze ECremers, Cor W R JCWRJ, CremersFPM, CremersCremers, Frans P MS, RoosingRoosing, SusanneConsortium, DOOFNLYntema, Helger GKunst, Henricus P MZhao, BoPennings, Ronald J E and Kremer, Hannie
Journal of medical genetics, July 6, 2020. | Journal Article
TMIE Defines Pore and Gating Properties of the Mechanotransduction Channel of Mammalian Cochlear Hair Cells.
Cunningham, Christopher LCunningham, Christopher LQiu, XufengQiu, XufengWu, ZizhenWu, ZizhenZhao, BoZhao, BoPeng, GuihongPeng, GuihongKim, Ye-HyunYe-Hyun, KimLauer, AmandaLauer, AmandaMüller, Ulrich and Müller, Ulrich
Neuron, April 16, 2020. | Journal Article
Mechanosensory hair cells express two molecularly distinct mechanotransduction channels
Wu, ZizhenWu, ZizhenWu, ZizhenGrillet, NicolasGrillet, NicolasGrillet, NicolasZhao, BoZhao, BoZhao, BoCunningham, ChristopherCunningham, ChristopherCunningham, ChristopherHarkins-Perry, SarahHarkins-perry, SarahHarkins-perry, SarahCoste, BertrandCoste, BertrandCoste, BertrandRanade, SanjeevRanade, SanjeevRanade, SanjeevZebarjadi, NavidZebarjadi, NavidZebarjadi, NavidBeurg, MarylineBeurg, MarylineBeurg, MarylineFettiplace, RobertFettiplace, RobertFettiplace, RobertPatapoutian, ArdemPatapoutian, ArdemPatapoutian, ArdemMüller, UlrichMüller, Ulrich and Mueller, Ulrich
Nature neuroscience, vol. 20, (no. 1), pp. 33, 2017-01-00. | Journal Article
The murine catecholamine methyltransferase mTOMT is essential for mechanotransduction by cochlear hair cells
Cunningham, Christopher LWu, ZizhenJafari, AriaZhao, BoSchrode, KatHarkins-Perry, SarahLauer, Amanda and Müller, Ulrich
eLife, vol. 6, 2017-May-15. | Journal Article
Murine Fam65b forms ring-like structures at the base of stereocilia critical for mechanosensory hair cell function
Zhao, BoWu, Zizhen and Müller, Ulrich
eLife, vol. 5, 2016-06-08. | Journal Article
PDZD7-MYO7A complex identified in enriched stereocilia membranes
Morgan, Clive PMorgan, Clive PKrey, Jocelyn FKrey, Jocelyn FGrati, M'hamedGrati, M'HamedZhao, BoZhao, BoFallen, ShannonFallen, ShannonKannan-Sundhari, AbhiraamiKannan-Sundhari, AbhiraamiLiu, Xue ZhongLiu, Xue ZhongChoi, DongseokChoi, DongseokMüller, UlrichMüller, UlrichBarr-Gillespie, Peter G and Barr-Gillespie, Peter G
eLife, vol. 5, 2016-08-15. | Journal Article
Subunit determination of the conductance of hair-cell mechanotransducer channels
Beurg, MarylineXiong, WeiZhao, BoMüller, Ulrich and Fettiplace, Robert
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 112, (no. 5), pp. 1594, 20150203. | Journal Article
TMIE Is an Essential Component of the Mechanotransduction Machinery of Cochlear Hair Cells
Zhao, BoZhao, BoWu, ZizhenWu, ZizhenGrillet, NicolasGrillet, NicolasYan, LinxuanYan, LinxuanXiong, WeiXiong, WeiHarkins-Perry, SarahHarkins-Perry, SarahMüller, Ulrich and Müller, Ulrich
Neuron, vol. 84, (no. 5), pp. 967, 2014-Dec-03. | Journal Article
Transport of receptors, receptor signaling complexes and ion channels via neuropeptide-secretory vesicles
Zhao, BoZhao, BoWang, Hai-boWang, Hai-boLu, Ying-jinLu, Ying-jinHu, Jian-wenHu, Jian-wenBao, LanBao, LanZhang, Xu and Zhang, Xu
Cell Research, vol. 21, (no. 5), pp. 741-53, May 2011. | Journal Article