9 Grants
Cambridge International Handbook of the Psychology of Religion
Ladd, Kevin L
The John Templeton Foundation, $234,762USD, 01/01/2019 -- 12/31/2022
The Scientific Study of Religious Cognition in Brazil
Ladd, Kevin L
Cambridge International Handbook Of The Psychology Of Religion, $234,772USD, 01/01/2019 -- 12/31/2022
Characterizing the Course of Long-Term Opioid Use Disorder Recovery and the Impact of Medication Assisted Treatment on Opioid Use Disorder Recovery
Cyders, MelissaFry, MelissaLadd, Kevin and Wei, Wu
Indiana University (Iu), $799,424USD, 01/01/2018 -- 12/31/2021
Liminal Labyrinth (art and psychology of virtual reality labyrinth experiences)
Souther, Eric and Ladd, Kevin
Indiana University (Iu), $21,270USD, 01/01/2016 -- 12/31/2017
Psychology of Religion Field-Building in North America: Planning Phase
Cohen, AdamLadd, Kevin and Shariff, Azim
The John Templeton Foundation, $216,990USD, 01/01/2015 -- 12/31/2017
Afterlife beliefs and their cognitive mechanisms among the Chinese: Past and Present
Nyhof, Melanie and Ladd, Kevin
University Of California, Riverside, $199,399USD, 01/01/2013 -- 12/31/2015
A Taste of Heaven! Expressions of Prayer in Food
Ladd, Kevin
Social Science Research Council (Ssrc) Usa, $4,300USD, 01/01/2013 -- 12/31/2016
Prayer Vision: How Spiritual Practices Determine the World You See
Ladd, Kevin
The John Templeton Foundation, $987,058USD, 01/01/2013 -- 12/31/2016
Inward, Outward, Upward Prayer: Programmatic Research Development
Ladd, Kevin L
John Templeton Foundation, $735,000, 2007 -- 2010