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Accuracy of automated amygdala MRI segmentation approaches in Huntington's disease in the IMAGE‐HD cohort
Alexander, BonnieGeorgiou‐Karistianis, NellieBeare, RichardAhveninen, Lotta MLorenzetti, ValentinaStout, Julie C and Glikmann‐Johnston, Yifat
Human Brain Mapping, vol. 41, (no. 7), pp. 1888, May 2020. | Journal Article
Apathy Associated With Impaired Recognition of Happy Facial Expressions in Huntington’s Disease
Osborne-Crowley, KatherineAndrews, Sophie CLabuschagne, IzelleNair, AkshayScahill, RachaelCraufurd, DavidTabrizi, Sarah J and Stout, Julie C
Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, vol. 25, (no. 5), pp. 461, 2019-05-00. | Journal Article
Association of CAG Repeats With Long-term Progression in Huntington Disease
Langbehn, Douglas RLangbehn, D.R.Langbehn, Douglas RLangbehn, D.R.Stout, Julie CStout, J.C.Stout, Julie CStout, J.C.Gregory, S.Gregory, S.Gregory, SarahGregory, SarahMills, James AMills, James AMills, J.A.Mills, J.A.Durr, AlexandraDurr, AlexandraDurr, A.Durr, A.Leavitt, Blair RLeavitt, Blair RLeavitt, B.R.Leavitt, B.R.Roos, Raymund A CRoos, R.A.C.Roos, Raymund ACRoos, R.A.C.Long, J.D.Long, J.D.Long, Jeffrey DLong, Jeffrey DOwen, G.Owen, GailOwen, G.Owen, GailJohnson, Hans JJohnson, H.J.Johnson, H.J.Johnson, Hans JBorowsky, BethBorowsky, B.othersBorowsky, B.Craufurd, DavidCraufurd, D.Craufurd, D.Reilmann, RalfReilmann, R.Reilmann, R.Bernhard Landwehrmeyer, G.Landwehrmeyer, G BernhardBernhard Landwehrmeyer, G.Scahill, Rachael IScahill, R.I.Scahill, R.I.Tabrizi, S.J.Tabrizi, S.J. and Tabrizi, Sarah J
JAMA neurology, 2019-Aug-12. | Journal Article
Cognitive Fitness to Drive in Huntington's Disease: Assessing the Clinical Utility of DriveSafe DriveAware
Farrell, Hayden JAndrews, Sophie CRyan, Nicholas PDavis, Marie-ClaireGordon, StephanieStout, Julie C and Fisher, Fiona
Journal of Huntington's disease, vol. 8, (no. 1), pp. 87, 2019-00-00. | Journal Article
Discrete changes in the frequency and functions of autobiographical reminiscence in Huntington's disease
Carmichael, Anna MIrish, MuireannGlikmann-Johnston, Yifat and Stout, Julie C
Memory, vol. 27, (no. 10), pp. 1351, 11/26/2019. | Journal Article
How different aspects of motor dysfunction influence day‐to‐day function in huntington's disease
Carlozzi, Noelle E.Carlozzi, Noelle E.Carlozzi, Noelle ECarlozzi, N.E.Schilling, S.G.Schilling, Stephen G.Schilling, Stephen G.Schilling, Stephen GBoileau, Nicholas R.Boileau, Nicholas R.Boileau, N.R.Boileau, Nicholas RChou, Kelvin L.Chou, Kelvin LChou, Kelvin L.Chou, K.L.Perlmutter, Joel S.Perlmutter, Joel S.Perlmutter, J.S.Perlmutter, Joel SFrank, SamuelFrank, SamuelFrank, S.Frank, SamuelMcCormack, Michael K.McCormack, Michael K.McCormack, Michael KMcCormack, M.K.Stout, J.C.Stout, Julie C.Stout, Julie C.Stout, Julie CPaulsen, Jane SPaulsen, Jane S.Paulsen, Jane S.Paulsen, J.S.Lai, Jin-SheiLai, J.-S.Lai, Jin‐SheiLai, Jin-SheiDayalu, P.Dayalu, PraveenDayalu, Praveen and Dayalu, Praveen
Movement Disorders, 2019-10-14. | Journal Article
Pervasive autobiographical memory impairments in Huntington's disease
Carmichael, Anna MIrish, MuireannGlikmann-Johnston, YifatSingh, Paldeep and Stout, Julie C
Neuropsychologia, vol. 127, pp. 130, 2019-Feb-25. | Journal Article
‘Real-life’ hippocampal-dependent spatial memory impairments in Huntington's disease
Glikmann-Johnston, YifatCarmichael, Anna MMercieca, Emily-Clare and Stout, Julie C
Cortex, vol. 119, pp. 60, October 2019. | Journal Article
Spatial memory in Huntington’s disease: A comparative review of human and animal data
Glikmann-Johnston, YifatFink, Kyle DDeng, PeterTorrest, Audrey and Stout, Julie C
Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, vol. 98, pp. 207, March 2019. | Journal Article
Speech in prodromal and symptomatic Huntington’s disease as a model of measuring onset and progression in dominantly inherited neurodegenerative diseases
Chan, Jess C.SStout, Julie C and Vogel, Adam P
Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, vol. 107, pp. 460, December 2019. | Journal Article
Striatal morphology and neurocognitive dysfunction in Huntington disease: The IMAGE-HD study
Wilkes, Fiona AAbaryan, ZvartChing, Chris R.KGutman, Boris AMadsen, Sarah KWalterfang, MarkVelakoulis, DennisStout, Julie CChua, PhyllisEgan, Gary FThompson, Paul MLooi, Jeffrey C.L and Georgiou-Karistianis, Nellie
Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, vol. 291, pp. 8, 2019-09-30. | Journal Article
Validation of Neuro-QoL and PROMIS Mental Health Patient Reported Outcome Measures in Persons with Huntington Disease
Carlozzi, Noelle ECarlozzi, Noelle ECarlozzi, Noelle EGoodnight, SieraGoodnight, SieraGoodnight, SieraKratz, Anna LKratz, Anna LKratz, Anna LStout, Julie CStout, Julie CStout, Julie CMcCormack, Michael KMcCormack, Michael KMcCormack, Michael KPaulsen, Jane SPaulsen, Jane SPaulsen, Jane SBoileau, Nicholas RBoileau, Nicholas RBoileau, Nicholas RCella, DavidCella, DavidCella, DavidReady, Rebecca EReady, Rebecca E and Ready, Rebecca E
Journal of Huntington's Disease, pp. 16, 2019-08-16. | Journal Article
Agreement between clinician-rated versus patient-reported outcomes in Huntington disease
Carlozzi, NoelleCarlozzi, NoelleBoileau, NicholasBoileau, NicholasPerlmutter, JoelPerlmutter, JoelChou, KelvinChou, KelvinStout, JulieStout, JuliePaulsen, JanePaulsen, JaneMcCormack, MichaelMcCormack, MichaelCella, DavidCella, DavidNance, MarthaNance, MarthaLai, Jin-SheiLai, Jin-SheiDayalu, Praveen and Dayalu, Praveen
Journal of Neurology, vol. 265, (no. 6), pp. 1453, 20180600. | Journal Article
Cross-sectional and longitudinal voxel-based grey matter asymmetries in Huntington's disease
Minkova, LoraMinkova, LoraGregory, SarahGregory, SarahScahill, RachaelScahill, RachaelAbdulkadir, AhmedAbdulkadir, AhmedKaller, ChristophKaller, ChristophPeter, JessicaPeter, JessicaLong, JeffreyLong, JeffreyStout, JulieStout, JulieReilmann, RalfReilmann, RalfRoos, RaymundRoos, RaymundDurr, AlexandraDurr, AlexandraLeavitt, BlairLeavitt, BlairTabrizi, SarahTabrizi, SarahKlöppel, Stefan and Klöppel, Stefan
NeuroImage: Clinical, 2018. | Journal Article
Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s disease changes perception in the Rubber Hand Illusion
Ding, CatherinePalmer, Colin JHohwy, JakobYoussef, George JPaton, BryanTsuchiya, NaotsuguStout, Julie C and Thyagarajan, Dominic
Scientific Reports, vol. 8, (no. 1), pp. 10, 2018-12-00. | Journal Article
Diminished facial EMG responses to disgusting scenes and happy and fearful faces in Huntington's disease
Kordsachia, Catarina CLabuschagne, IzelleAndrews, Sophie C and Stout, Julie C
Cortex, vol. 106, pp. 199, September 2018. | Journal Article
E11 Compensation in huntington’s disease
Gregory, SarahLong, JeffreyKloppel, StefanRazi, AdeelScheller, ElisaMinkova, LoraJohnson, EileanoirDurr, AlexandraRoos, RaymundLeavitt, BlairMills, JamesStout, JulieScahill, RachaelTabrizi, Sarah and Rees, Geraint
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, vol. 89, (no. Suppl 1), pp. A39, 20180901. | Journal Article
Emotion Recognition Correlates With Social-Neuropsychiatric Dysfunction in Huntington’s Disease
Kempnich, Clare LAndrews, Sophie CFisher, FionaWong, DanaGeorgiou-Karistianis, Nellie and Stout, Julie C
Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, vol. 24, (no. 5), pp. 423, 2018-05-00. | Journal Article
Emotion recognition in Parkinson’s disease: Static and dynamic factors
Wasser, Cory IEvans, FelicityKempnich, ClareGlikmann-Johnston, YifatAndrews, Sophie CThyagarajan, Dominic and Stout, Julie C
Neuropsychology, vol. 32, (no. 2), pp. 234, 2018-02-00. | Journal Article
Evaluating cognition in individuals with Huntington disease: Neuro-QoL cognitive functioning measures
Lai, Jin-SheiLai, Jin-SheiLai, Jin-SheiLai, Jin SheiLai, Jin-SheiLai, Jin-SheiGoodnight, SieraGoodnight, SieraGoodnight, SieraGoodnight, SieraGoodnight, SieraGoodnight, SieraDowning, Nancy RDowning, Nancy RDowning, NancyDowning, NancyDowning, Nancy RDowning, Nancy RReady, RebeccaReady, Rebecca EReady, RebeccaReady, Rebecca EReady, Rebecca EReady, Rebecca EPaulsen, JanePaulsen, JanePaulsen, Jane SPaulsen, Jane SPaulsen, Jane SPaulsen, Jane SKratz, Anna LKratz, AnnaKratz, AnnaKratz, Anna LKratz, Anna LKratz, Anna LStout, JulieStout, JulieStout, Julie CStout, Julie CStout, Julie CStout, Julie CMcCormack, Michael KMcCormack, Michael KMcCormack, Michael KMcCormack, MichaelMcCormack, Michael KMcCormack, MichaelCella, DavidCella, DavidCella, DavidCella, DavidCella, DavidCella, DavidRoss, ChristopherRoss, ChristopherRoss, ChristopherRoss, ChristopherRoss, ChristopherRoss, ChristopherRussell, JennaRussell, JennaRussell, JennaRussell, JennaRussell, JennaRussell, JennaCarlozzi, Noelle ECarlozzi, Noelle ECarlozzi, Noelle ECarlozzi, NoelleCarlozzi, Noelle E and Carlozzi, Noelle
Quality of Life Research, vol. 27, (no. 3), pp. 822, 20180300. | Journal Article
Evaluating Cognition in Individuals with Huntington Disease: NeuroQoL Cognitive Functioning Measures
Lai, Jin-SheiGoodnight, SieraDowning, NancyReady, RebeccaPaulsen, JaneKratz, AnnaStout, JulieMcCormack, MichaelCella, DavidRoss, ChristopherRussell, Jenna and Carlozzi, Noelle
2018-03-01. | Journal Article
Executive impairment is associated with unawareness of neuropsychiatric symptoms in premanifest and early Huntington’s disease
Andrews, Sophie CAndrews, Sophie CCraufurd, DavidCraufurd, DavidDurr, AlexandraDurr, AlexandraLeavitt, Blair RLeavitt, Blair RRoos, Raymund ARoos, Raymund ATabrizi, Sarah JTabrizi, Sarah JStout, Julie C and Stout, Julie C
Neuropsychology, vol. 32, (no. 8), pp. 965, 2018-11-00. | Journal Article
F45 Apathy associated with impaired recognition of happy facial expressions in huntington’s disease
Osborne-Crowley, KatherineAndrews, SophieLabuschagne, IzelleNair, AkshayScahill, RachaelCraufurd, DavidTabrizi, Sarah and Stout, Julie
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, vol. 89, (no. Suppl 1), pp. A56, 20180901. | Journal Article
J05 Legato-hd study: a phase 2 study assessing the efficacy and safety of laquinimod as a treatment for huntington disease
Reilmann, RalfGordon, MarkAnderson, KarenFeigin, AndrewTabrizi, SarahLeavitt, BlairStout, JuliePiccini, PaolaRynkowski, GailVolkinshtein, Rita and Savola, Juha
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, vol. 89, (no. Suppl 1), pp. A99, 20180901. | Journal Article
Juvenile Huntington's disease: left behind?
Stout, Julie C
The Lancet Neurology, vol. 17, (no. 11), pp. 933, 2018-11-00. | Journal Article