My primary area of research is focused on understanding resiliency traits and support systems within African American families. This includes exploring the interaction between African American families and religiosity/spirituality, media usage, and social resources. Current research activities include: Impact of popular media images on perceptions of ethnic populations and its influence on research scholarship; popular media depictions of African American sexuality and the impact on African American families; influence of African American family and community cultural beliefs on nutrition choices related to diabetes prevelance among African Americans; religiosity/spirituality patterns among African American families, including social support provided by African American churches; impact of community, religious, and social support resources on sexuality education in schools and families.

Research Interests

  • Social support
  • Religiosity
  • Media influence on families
  • Ethnic minority families
  • Family health
Allied Health
PhD, Michigan State University, Family and Child Ecology, 2001
MA, Michigan State University, Family and Child Ecology, 1998
BA, Indiana University, Speech Communication and African American Studies, 1994