1. Quantitative methodologies: statistics, tests and measurements, multivariate techniques; factor analysis
  2. Cross-Cultural social psychology and personality
  3. Social Issues and intercultural relations
  4. Multidisciplinary training on child abuse/neglect
  5. Criminal procedures and psychology on child abuse and neglect (joint teaching at IU Law School for over 10 years)

1. Psychosocial and legal issues in families, self-socializations, Child protections, and international conflicts.

2. Psychology and laws in job discrimination and business.

3. Invalidity and unreliability of product-moment correlation and covariance in measurement and multivariate techniques (this is to correct and revolutionize massive and serve errors in college education, research and testing in social and behavioral sciences for over 50 years).

4. Theories and measurements of love and intimate relations.

5. Inter-group and inter-cultural comparisons on various social issues.

6. Semantic differential affective studies of 30 language/cultures in some 50 context domains.

JD, Indiana University, 1995
PhD, University of Illinois, 1972
MS, University of Wisconsin, 1969
BEd, National Taiwan Normal University, 1966