How are we able to detect, discriminate, identify and classify the incredible number of objects that we continually encounter in our environment? Our research is directed towards understanding some of the basic processes that mediate these remarkable abilities.

Some of the current topics that we are interested in include:

  • The Perception of Biological Motion
  • The Efficiency of Feature Integration
  • Facial Expression Recognition
  • Perceptual Learning
  • Visual Memory Decay
  • Visual Completion

Areas of Study

  • Sensation and Perception
  • Psychophysics

Research Topics

  • pattern vision
  • object and face recognition
  • perceptual learning
  • perceptual grouping and completion
  • visual memory
  • encoding efficiency and information use
  • ideal observer theory  

My research is directed towards understanding some of these processes that are performed on visual patterns after the initial stages of sensory encoding. I am particularly interested in understanding what it is that limits our ability to use the information that is available to us when we are trying to detect or recognize visual patterns.

Cognitive Science, Psychology
PhD, University of Toronto, Psychology, 2001
MA, University of Toronto, Psychology, 1996
BA, University of Maine, Computer Science and Psychology, 1995