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Beliefs, behaviors and HPV vaccine: correcting the myths and the misinformation.
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Developmental trajectories of religiosity, sexual conservatism and sexual behavior among female adolescents
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Herpes simplex virus type 2 serological testing at a community court: Predictors of test acceptance and seropositivity among female defendants
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Human papillomavirus vaccine communication: perspectives of 11-12 year-old girls, mothers, and clinicians.
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Knowledge of human papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV vaccination: an international comparison.
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Prevention of human papillomavirus-related diseases: Impediments to progress
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Preventive misconception and adolescents' knowledge about HIV vaccine trials.
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Psychometric properties of the Persian version of the multidimensional scale of perceived social support in Iran
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International Journal of Preventive Medicine, vol. 4, pp. 1177-1181. | Journal Article
Psychometric properties of the Persian version of the multidimensional scale of perceived social support in Iran
Bagherian-Sararoudi, R.Hajian, A.Bahrami Ehsan, H.Sarafraz, M.R. and Zimet, G.D.
(pp. 1177-1181)
Recommendations for a national agenda to substantially reduce cervical cancer
Smith, JenniferSmith, Jennifer SSmith, Jennifer SSmith, J.S.Smith, Jennifer SBrewer, N.T.Brewer, NoelBrewer, Noel TBrewer, Noel TBrewer, Noel TSaslow, DebbieSaslow, DebbieSaslow, DebbieSaslow, D.Saslow, DebbieAlexander, KennethAlexander, KennethAlexander, KennethAlexander, KennethAlexander, K.Chernofsky, M.R.Chernofsky, Mildred RChernofsky, MildredChernofsky, Mildred RChernofsky, Mildred RCrosby, R.Crosby, RichardCrosby, RichardCrosby, RichardCrosby, RichardDerting, LibbyDerting, LibbyDerting, LibbyDerting, LibbyDerting, L.Devlin, L.Devlin, LeahDevlin, LeahDevlin, LeahDevlin, LeahDunton, C.J.Dunton, Charles JDunton, Charles JDunton, Charles JDunton, CharlesEngle, J.Engle, JeffreyEngle, JeffreyEngle, JeffreyEngle, JeffreyFernandez, MariaFernandez, M.Fernandez, MariaFernandez, MariaFernandez, MariaFouad, MonaFouad, M.Fouad, MonaFouad, MonaFouad, MonaHuh, WarnerHuh, WarnerHuh, WarnerHuh, W.Huh, WarnerKinney, WalterKinney, W.Kinney, WalterKinney, WalterKinney, WalterPierce, JenniferPierce, JenniferPierce, JenniferPierce, J.Pierce, JenniferRios, ElenaRios, ElenaRios, ElenaRios, ElenaRios, E.Rothholz, Mitchel CRothholz, Mitchel CRothholz, M.C.Rothholz, Mitchel CRothholz, MitchelShlay, Judith CShlay, Judith CShlay, Judith CShlay, J.C.Shlay, JudithShedd-Steele, R.Shedd-Steele, RivienneShedd-Steele, RivienneShedd-Steele, RivienneShedd-Steele, RivienneVernon, SallyVernon, Sally WVernon, Sally WVernon, S.W.Vernon, Sally WWalker, J.Walker, Joan LWalker, JoanWalker, JoanWalker, JoanWynn, TheresaWynn, TheresaWynn, TheresaWynn, T.Wynn, TheresaZimet, Gregory DZimet, Gregory DZimet, GregoryZimet, G.D.Zimet, Gregory DCasey, Baretta RCasey, Baretta RCasey, BarettaCasey, Baretta R and Casey, B.R.
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Religiosity and sexual involvement within adolescent romantic couples.
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STD Vaccine Acceptability in Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Stupiansky, N.W. and Zimet, G.D.
The Motivations and Experiences of Young Women in a Microbicide Trial in the USA and Puerto Rico
Giguere, RebeccaGiguere, RebeccaZimet, Gregory DZimet, Gregory DKahn, Jessica AKahn, Jessica ADolezal, CurtisDolezal, CurtisLeu, Cheng-ShiunLeu, Cheng-ShiunMabragaña, MarinaMabragaña, MarinaMcGowan, IanMcGowan, IanCarballo-Diéguez, Alex and Carballo-Diéguez, Alex
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Validation of a measure of knowledge about human papillomavirus (HPV) using item response theory and classical test theory
Waller, JoWaller, J.Ostini, RemoOstini, R.Marlow, Laura AMarlow, L.A.V.McCaffery, K.Mc Caffery, KirstenZimet, G. and Zimet, Gregory
Preventive Medicine, vol. 56, pp. 35-40. | Journal Article
115. Parent-Son Decision-Making About HPV Vaccination
Alexander, AndreiaAlexander, AndreiaStupiansky, Nathan, PhDStupiansky, Nathan, PhDOtt, Mary A., MDOtt, Mary A., MDSuah, AshleySuah, AshleyShew, MarciaShew, MarciaZimet, Gregory and Zimet, Gregory
Journal of Adolescent Health, vol. 50, (no. 2), pp. S69, 2012. | Journal Article
116. Sources of Information About HPV Vaccines and Their Association With Knowledge and Attitudes About HPV Vaccines Among Adolescent Females
Shew, MarciaShew, MarciaZimet, GregoryZimet, GregoryDing, Lili, PhDDing, Lili, PhDMullins, Tanya K., MDMullins, Tanya K., MDKahn, Jessica and Kahn, Jessica
Journal of Adolescent Health, vol. 50, (no. 2), pp. S70, 2012. | Journal Article
14. Contraceptive Microbicide Attitudes Among Young Women
Best, Candace, PhDBest, Candace, PhDHensel, Devon J., PhDHensel, Devon J., PhDTanner, Amanda E., PhDTanner, Amanda E., PhDFortenberry, J.Fortenberry, J.Zimet, Gregory and Zimet, Gregory
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Accuracy of self-reported human papillomavirus vaccine receipt among adolescent girls and their mothers.
Stupiansky, NathanZimet, Gregory DCummings, TeresaFortenberry, J. D and Shew, Marcia
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A comparison of young women's actual and assigned timing of use of a microbicide surrogate.
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Adolescent perceptions of risk and need for safer sexual behaviors after first human papillomavirus vaccination.
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Assessing social support among South Asians: The multidimensional scale of perceived social support
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Can self-prediction overcome barriers to Hepatitis B vaccination? A randomized controlled trial.
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Health beliefs and vaccine costs regarding human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination among a U.S. national sample of adult women
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Human papillomavirus vaccine and men: what are the obstacles and challenges?
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Human papillomavirus vaccine in adolescent women: a 2012 update.
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