Research interests:

  • Discourse pragmatics
  • Conversational phonetics
  • Multilingualism and language contact
  • Firthian prosodic phonology
  • African linguistics (especially, endangered languages)

Subject Areas:

  • Socio-historical Linguistics
  • Field Linguistics

Research + Teaching Interests: African languages, especially endangered languages; political discourse analysis; the politics about languages in Africa; multilingualism and language contact, pragmatics of prosody, ethnopragmatics

Regional Expertise: Ghana

Research areas: African political and juridical discourse; African anthroponomy; language policy and language attitudes in Africa; pidgins and creoles; pragmatics of prosody; African languages documentation; evaluation and testing in African languages.

Past Affiliations
African American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, African Studies, Linguistics
PhD, University of York, 1988
DPhil, University of York, Language and Linguistic Science, 1987
BA, University of Ghana, Linguistics with Swahili, 1981