Geographical Areas of Specialization: Native America; Pacific; Asia

Research Interests: molecular anthropology; molecular evolution; population genetics; ancient DNA

During my academic career I have specialized in molecular genetic techniques that can be utilized to address anthropological questions. Over the past decade I have concentrated on the new techniques and protocols that make ancient DNA available for study, and have used these data to test hypotheses based on archaeological, linguistic, and ethnographic studies. Anthropologists have struggled with the relationship between biology and culture - how do we identify biological relationships in prehistory using cultural and skeletal remains?

In my research I have looked at several instances of hypothesized prehistoric population movement and replacement, such as the Numic Expansion in the Great Basin, the initial peopling of the New World, and the settlement of the Pacific, in an effort to determine which archaeological signals are the most reliable indicators of prehistoric migrations and relationships and to refine current hypotheses regarding these specific instances of possible population movement. In addition, my previous projects and current research interests have included much more fine-grained analyses of kinship and residence and burial patterns.

Dr. Frederika Kaestle is an anthropological geneticist, specializing in molecular genetic techniques that can be utilized to address anthropological questions.

One of Dr. Kaestle’s current research areas is the peopling of Southeast Asia and the Pacific, incorporating the archaeology, bioanthropology, and cultural anthropology of Southeast Asian peoples.

Past Affiliations
Biological Science, Animal Science, North American Studies, Russian, International Studies, Anthropology
PhD, University of California, Davis, Anthropology, 1998
MA, University of California, Davis, Anthropology, 1994
BA, Yale University, Anthropology, 1992
native american history prehistory human population and genetics deoxyribonucleic acid, dna
Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Swahili
American Anthropological Association
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Anthropological Genetics
American Association of Physical Anthropologists
American Society of Human Genetics
Human Biology Association
Society for American Archaeology