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Areas of Interest:

  • Environmental politics and policy
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Public opinion on energy and climate change
  • State politics and policy

David Konisky’s research focuses on U.S. environmental and energy policy, with particular emphasis on regulation, federalism and state politics, public opinion, and environmental justice.

My research focuses on U.S. environmental politics and policy, regulation, federalism, environmental justice, and public opinion. My current projects focus on identifying and addressing race- and class-based disparities in policy implementation and environmental enforcement, and equity and justice issues emerging in the U.S. energy transition, and public opinion toward energy policy and infrastructure.

My research is primarily concentrated in four areas: environmental justice, the equity and justice dimensions of the U.S. energy transition, public attitudes about energy and the environment, and state environmental regulation.


  • Environmental Justice.
  • U.S. Energy Transition and Energy Justice.[Project website]
  • Public Attitudes about Energy and the Environment.
  • State Environmental Regulation.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Environmental Policy
  • Public Policy
  • Policy
  • Regulation

Research: Climate change; Energy; Environmental policy; Federalism; Public opinion; Regulation; State politics

Research Area: Environmental Policy and Management

Areas: American politics and public policy, with particular emphasis on environmental politics and policy, regulation, federalism, state politics, and public opinion


  • Energy Policy
  • Sustainability & Sustainable Development
  • Policy Analysis
  • Governance & Public Law
Natural Resources Conservation, Environmental Policy, Public Administration
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006
MEM, Yale University, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, 1998
MA, Yale University, International Relations, 1998
AB, Washington University in St. Louis, History; Environmental Studies, 1995
racial justice