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Dr. Schwartz conducts research on patient decision-making and risk communication in preventive and personalized medicine.  He has written widely on ethical issues in these and other areas.

My research in bioethics has recently focused on issues related to patient decision-making and consent in preventive medicine, personalized medicine, and biobank research.

I conduct empirical research on patient decision-making regarding colorectal cancer (CRC) screening, focusing on the impact of decision aids that present quantitative information about risks and benefits, and that provide "nudges" (or aid in default setting).




  • Risk Communication and Quantitative Information in Decision Aids
  • Precision Prevention
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Biobank Consent
  • Patient Control and Privacy of Electronic Health Information.


Keywords: Risk communication and shared decision-making; Prevention and precision health; Electronic health information; Definitions and understanding of disease, health, and risk

Subject Area:

  • Medicine.
Philosophy, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Biomedical Science
MD, University of Pennsylvania, Medicine, 1999
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, Philosophy, 1999
MA, University of Pennsylvania, Philosophy, 1993
BA, Harvard University, Biology, 1987
internal medicine