My research lab studies how impulsivity and its neurocognitive underpinnings influence a wide range of risk-taking behaviors, including alcohol use, substance abuse, and sexual risk-taking. As a clinical psychologist, I am particularly interested in how emotions and impulsive tendencies combine and interact to impart risk for psychological disorders and maladaptive behaviors. I’m also interested in identifying how the brain is implicated in such risk and how we can best leverage brain function to reduce risks associated with impulsive action.

  • Multidimensionality of impulsivity
  • Role of emotion-based impulsivity as a common, transdiagnostic endophenotype for maladaptive risk taking
  • Underlying neurobiological and neurocognitive mechanisms of emotion-based rash action
Neuroscience, Psychology
PhD, University of Kentucky, Clinical Psychology, 2009
MS, University of Kentucky, Clinical Psychology, 2005
BA, Ohio University, Psychology, 2003
BA, Ohio University, Spanish, 2003
clinical psychology