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Integrative Multi-OMICs Identifies Therapeutic Response Biomarkers and Confirms Fidelity of Clinically Annotated, Serially Passaged Patient-Derived Xenografts Established from Primary and Metastatic Pediatric and AYA Solid Tumors
Pandya, Pankita HPandya, Pankita HPandya, Pankita HPandya, Pankita HPandya, Pankita HPandya, Pankita HBijangi-Vishehsaraei, KhadijehBijangi-Vishehsaraei, KhadijehBijangi-Vishehsaraei, KhadijehBijangi-Vishehsaraei, KhadijehBijangi-Vishehsaraei, KhadijehBijangi-Vishehsaraei, KhadijehDobrota, ErikaDobrota, ErikaDobrota, ErikaBailey, Barbara JBailey, Barbara JBailey, Barbara JBarghi, FarinazBarghi, FarinazBarghi, FarinazShannon, Harlan EShannon, Harlan EShannon, Harlan EDamayanti, Nur PDamayanti, Nur PDamayanti, Nur PYoung, CourtneyYoung, CourtneyYoung, CourtneyMalko, RadaMalko, RadaMalko, RadaJustice, RyliJustice, RyliJustice, RyliAlbright, EricAlbright, EricAlbright, EricSandusky, George ESandusky, George ESandusky, George EWurtz, L DWurtz, L DWurtz, L DCollier, Christopher DCollier, Christopher DCollier, Christopher DMarshall, Mark SMarshall, Mark SMarshall, Mark SGallagher, Rosa IGallagher, Rosa IGallagher, Rosa IWulfkuhle, Julia DWulfkuhle, Julia DWulfkuhle, Julia DPetricoin, Emanuel FPetricoin, Emanuel FPetricoin, Emanuel FCoy, KathyCoy, KathyCoy, KathyTrowbridge, MelissaTrowbridge, MelissaTrowbridge, MelissaSinn, Anthony LSinn, Anthony LSinn, Anthony LRenbarger, Jamie LRenbarger, Jamie LRenbarger, Jamie LFerguson, Michael JFerguson, Michael JFerguson, Michael JHuang, KunHuang, KunHuang, KunZhang, JieZhang, JieZhang, JieZhang, JieZhang, JieZhang, JieSaadatzadeh, M RSaadatzadeh, M RSaadatzadeh, M RSaadatzadeh, M RSaadatzadeh, M RSaadatzadeh, M RPollok, Karen EPollok, Karen EPollok, Karen EPollok, Karen EPollok, Karen E and Pollok, Karen E
Cancers, vol. 15, (no. 1), 2023. | Journal Article
Comparison of Publication Rates for Musculoskeletal Oncology Abstracts Presented at National Meetings
Collier, Christopher DQuereshy, Humzah A and Getty, Patrick J
Sarcoma, vol. 2021, 2021. | Journal Article