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Fingerprinting walking using wrist-worn accelerometers.
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High-intensity sweet taste as a predictor of subjective alcohol responses to the ascending limb of an intravenous alcohol prime: an fMRI study. Neuropsychopharmacology
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Assessment of Blood Biomarker Profile After Acute Concussion During Combative Training Among US Military Cadets: A Prospective Study From the NCAA and US Department of Defense CARE Consortium
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Association of Immunosuppression and Viral Load with Subcortical Brain Volume in an International Sample of People Living with HIV
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CARL: a running recognition algorithm for free-living accelerometer data
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Connectivity‐informed adaptive regularization for generalized outcomes
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Effects of A Gamified, Behavior Change Techniques-Based Mobile Application on Increasing Physical Activity and Reducing Anxiety in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Preliminary Study (Preprint)
Effects of A Gamified, Behavior Change Techniques-Based Mobile Application on Increasing Physical Activity and Reducing Anxiety in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Preliminary Study (Preprint)
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Opportunities for Prevention of Concussion and Repetitive Head Impact Exposure in College Football Players: A Concussion Assessment, Research, and Education (CARE) Consortium Study
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Tau-related white-matter alterations along spatially selective pathways
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Toward an information theoretical description of communication in brain networks.
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ADHD May Associate With Reduced Tolerance to Acute Subconcussive Head Impacts: A Pilot Case-Control Intervention Study
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Association of Blood Biomarkers With Acute Sport-Related Concussion in Collegiate Athletes: Findings From the NCAA and Department of Defense CARE Consortium
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Classification of human physical activity based on raw accelerometry data via spherical coordinate transformation
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Concussion Risk Between Individual Football Players: Survival Analysis of Recurrent Events and Non-events
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