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Thirty-Day Readmissions Are Largely Not Preventable in Patients With Cirrhosis
Orman, Eric SOrman, Eric SOrman, Eric SDesai, Archita PDesai, Archita PDesai, Archita PGhabril, Marwan SGhabril, Marwan SGhabril, Marwan SNephew, Lauren DNephew, Lauren DNephew, Lauren DPatidar, Kavish RPatidar, Kavish RPatidar, Kavish RHolden, JohnHolden, JohnHolden, JohnSamala, Niharika RSamala, Niharika RSamala, Niharika RSozio, MargaretSozio, MargaretSozio, MargaretLacerda, MarcoLacerda, MarcoLacerda, MarcoVilar-Gomez, EduardoVilar-Gomez, EduardoVilar-Gomez, EduardoLammert, CraigLammert, CraigLammert, CraigCrabb, DavidCrabb, DavidCrabb, DavidMasuoka, HowardMasuoka, HowardMasuoka, Howard and
The American Journal of Gastroenterology, vol. 119, (no. 2), pp. 287-296, Feb 2024. | Journal Article
Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis in the Medical ICU: A Single-Institution Cohort Study on Acute Liver Failure and Mortality.
Al Nasrallah, NawarAl-Hader, AhmadSamala, Niharika and Sears, Catherine R
Critical care explorations, vol. 3, (no. 1), pp. e0318, January 2021. | Journal Article
Inhibition of Secretin/Secretin Receptor Axis Ameliorates NAFLD Phenotypes.
Chen, LixianChen, LixianChen, LixianChen, LixianWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoSamala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongSybenga, AmeliaSybenga, AmeliaSybenga, AmeliaSybenga, AmeliaEkser, BurcinEkser, BurcinEkser, BurcinEkser, BurcinDar, WasimDar, WasimDar, WasimDar, WasimAtkins, ConstanceAtkins, ConstanceAtkins, ConstanceAtkins, ConstanceMeadows, VikMeadows, VikMeadows, VikMeadows, VikGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, Gianfranco and Alpini, Gianfranco
Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.), vol. 74, (no. 4), pp. 1845-1863, October 2021. | Journal Article
Insight Into The Acute hepatitis A Outbreak In Indiana.
Samala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaAbdallah, WassimAbdallah, WassimPoole, AshleyPoole, AshleyShamseddeen, HaniShamseddeen, HaniAre, VijayAre, VijayOrman, EricOrman, EricPatidar, Kavish RPatidar, Kavish RVuppalanchi, Raj and Vuppalanchi, Raj
Journal of viral hepatitis, March 24, 2021. | Journal Article
A 12-lipoxygenase-Gpr31 signaling axis is required for pancreatic organogenesis in the zebrafish.
Hernandez-Perez, MarimarKulkarni, AbhishekSamala, NiharikaSorrell, CodyEl, KimberlyHaider, IsraMukhtar Aleem, AnsariHolman, Theodore RRai, GaneshaTersey, Sarah AMirmira, Raghavendra G and Anderson, Ryan M
FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, vol. 34, (no. 11), pp. 14850-14862, November 2020. | Journal Article
An Outbreak Presents An Opportunity to Learn About A Rare Phenotype: Autoimmune Hepatitis After Acute Hepatitis A.
S-Are, VijayYoder, LindsaySamala, NiharikaNephew, LaurenLammert, Craig and Vuppalanchi, Raj
(pp. 694-696)
Decreased Quality of Life Is Significantly Associated With Body Composition in Patients With Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.
Samala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaDesai, ArchitaDesai, ArchitaDesai, ArchitaDesai, ArchitaVilar, EduardoVilar, EduardoVilar, EduardoVilar-Gomez, EduardoSmith, Emily RSmith, Emily RSmith, Emily RSmith, Emily RGawrieh, SamerGawrieh, SamerGawrieh, SamerGawrieh, SamerKettler, Carla DKettler, Carla DKettler, Carla DKettler, Carla DPike, FrancisPike, FrancisPike, FrancisPike, FrancisChalasani, NagaChalasani, NagaChalasani, Naga and Chalasani, Naga
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Vitamin E treatment in NAFLD patients demonstrates that oxidative stress drives steatosis through upregulation of de-novo lipogenesis.
Podszun, Maren CAlawad, Ahmad SLingala, ShilpaMorris, NevittHuang, Wen-Chun AYang, ShannaSchoenfeld, MeganRolt, AdamOuwerkerk, RonaldValdez, KristinUmarova, ReginaMa, YanlingFatima, Syeda ZaheenLin, Dennis DMahajan, Lakshmi SSamala, NiharikaViolet, Pierre-ChristianLevine, MarkShamburek, RobertGharib, Ahmed MKleiner, David EGarraffo, H MartinCai, HongyiWalter, Peter J and Rotman, Yaron
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Asparaginase-induced hepatotoxicity: rapid development of cholestasis and hepatic steatosis.
Kamal, NatashaKamal, NatashaKoh, ChristopherKoh, ChristopherSamala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaFontana, Robert JFontana, Robert JStolz, AndrewStolz, AndrewDurazo, FranciscoDurazo, FranciscoHayashi, Paul HHayashi, Paul HPhillips, ElizabethPhillips, ElizabethWang, TongrongWang, TongrongHoofnagle, Jay H and Hoofnagle, Jay H
Hepatology international, vol. 13, (no. 5), pp. 641-648, September 2019. | Journal Article
Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of Mild to Moderate Alcoholic Hepatitis.
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GastroHep, vol. 1, (no. 4), pp. 161-165, July 2019. | Journal Article
Molecular mechanisms of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: Potential role for 12-lipoxygenase
Samala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaTersey, SarahTersey, Sarah AChalasani, NagaChalasani, NagaAnderson, RyanAnderson, Ryan MMirmira, Raghavendra and Mirmira, Raghavendra G
Journal of Diabetes and its Complications, vol. 31, (no. 11), pp. 1630-1637, Nov 1, 2017. | Journal Article
AASLD clinical practice guidelines: a critical review of scientific evidence and evolving recommendations.
Koh, ChristopherKoh, ChristopherZhao, XiongceZhao, XiongceSamala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaSakiani, SasanSakiani, SasanLiang, T JakeLiang, T JakeTalwalkar, Jayant A and Talwalkar, Jayant A
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