4 Publications
Footprint evidence of early hominin locomotor diversity at Laetoli, Tanzania
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Nature, vol. 600, (no. 7889), pp. 468-4,471A-471M, Dec 16, 2021. | Journal Article
The comparative and functional anatomy of appendicular musculature of Humboldt’s woolly monkey ( Lagothrix lagotricha ): What can a (mediocre) suspensory monkey tell us about and human locomotor evolution?
Deane, Andrew StewartDeane, Andrew StewartOrgan, JasonOrgan, JasonEvie, VereeckeEvie, VereeckeMuchlinski, MagdalenaMuchlinski, MagdalenaButterfield, Tim and Butterfield, Tim
The FASEB Journal, vol. 34, (no. S1), pp. 1, 2020-04-00. | Journal Article
A new Miocene ape and locomotion in the ancestor of great apes and humans
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Dietary correlates associated with the mental foramen in primates: implications for interpreting the fossil record
Muchlinski, Magdalena NMuchlinski, Magdalena NDeane, Andrew S and Deane, Andrew S
Journal of Morphology, vol. 277, (no. 7), pp. 985, July 2016. | Journal Article