Dr. Miller's independent program of research is focused on generating knowledge that will advance the state of the science in the area of chronic disease self-management, with particular emphasis on the population of adults with epilepsy. Specifically, she focuses on improving the quality of life of people with epilepsy via patient-centered interventions. Her research program consists of an interdisciplinary team involving researchers from nursing, public health, informatics, law, and medicine. Dr. Miller has a specific interest in complex systems analysis of social media data. She is director of the Social Network Health Research Lab at the IU School of Nursing where she oversees interdisciplinary projects that focus on capturing patient voice. Dr. Miller is also experienced in tool development.

Dr. Miller's work has been funded by the National Institutes of Health via a $1.5 million R01 (R01M012832) from the National Library of Medicine. Other external funding includes UCB Pharma and Upsher-Smith. She​ has  also been funded as principal investigator via institutional grants totaling $171,900 (IUSON Center for Enhancing Quality of life in Chronic Illness; Center for Law, Ethics, and Applied Research in Health Information). She was awarded a New Investigator Career Development Award from the NIH via the Indiana CTSI. Dr. Miller has also been funded via an NIH P30 for the development of a Brain Safety Lab in collaboration with the IU School of Medicine and the Indiana University Center for Aging Research.
BSN, Indiana University
MSN, Indiana University
PhD, Indiana University