Dr. Jung is an assistant professor at the Indiana University School of Nursing. She joined the faculty in the spring of 2018. Dr. Jung’s program of research focuses on cognitive interventions for patients with heart failure. The long-term goal of Dr. Jung’s research is to enhance quality of life and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations among people with heart failure by improving cognition needed to complete self-care tasks. Her program entails 1) developing advanced technology cognitive interventions for patients with heart failure, and 2) identifying genetic biomarkers associated with improvements in attention and self-care. Dr. Jung’s current research project seeks to develop a virtual-reality based cognitive intervention using the natural environment to restore attention function in patients with heart failure. Dr. Jung also is a co-investigator on a study of a computerized cognitive training intervention to improve memory among patients with heart failure. In addition to her research, Dr. Jung teaches master’s level research methods classes, and serves as a committee member for the Heart Failure Society of America and the American Heart Association.

BSN, Chungnam National University
MSN, Chungnam National University
PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor