9 Publications
An Online Resident-as-Teacher Curriculum Improves First-Year Residents' Self-Confidence Teaching in the Clinical Learning Environment.
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Incidence of resident mistreatment in the learning environment across three institutions.
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Does Attending a Regional Medical Campus Influence the Training Outcomes of Family Medicine Residents?
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Tracking Medical Students and Graduates from Hometown to Practice using Geographic Information Systems, 2011-2017
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Administrative Challenges to the Integration of Oral Health With Primary Care: A SWOT Analysis of Health Care Executives at Federally Qualified Health Centers
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Assessment of Hypertension Management and Outcomes at an Indianapolis Student-Run Free Clinic
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Understanding the current anatomical competence landscape: Comparing perceptions of program directors, residents, and fourth‐year medical students
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Assessing Knowledge and Perceptions Related to Preventive Methods and Treatment of Malaria in the Local Endemic Area of Trujillo, Honduras
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Use of Herbal Remedies by Hispanic Patients: Do They Inform Their Physician?
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