From his lab in the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Institute, he studies the pathogenic mechanism and develops newer treatments for the most common complications of long-term diabetes, diabetic retinopathy.

Along with researching diabetic retinopathy, Dr. Bhatwadekar studies retinal Müller cell dysfunction and the negative effects of disrupted circadian rhythm on vision.

He has served on federal and charitable trust review panels, and he is a reviewer of more than a dozen journals focusing on diabetes and eye research.

Research: Complication of Diabetes and Obesity

Keywords: The Bhatwadekar Lab studies how early changes in the retinal cellular network leads to the diabetic retinopathy. Pioneering studies in the lab demonstrated that circadian rhythms similar to sleep-wake cycle are abnormal in the retina in case of diabetic retinopathy.

PhD, Queen's University, Belfast, Pharmacy, 2007
MPharm, University of Pune, Pharmacology, 1999
BPharm, Amravati University, 1997