Areas of Interest

  • Developmental Science
  • Cognitive Science
  • Mathematics Education

Research Topics

  • Cognitive Development
  • Math Cognition
  • Learning and Transfer
  • Problem Solving

To that end, my research focuses on the construction and organization of knowledge, with an emphasis on how children think, learn, and solve problems in mathematics.

My research is motivated by a question facing cognitive scientists, developmental psychologists, and education practitioners alike: How can we support childrens learning so that it leads to the construction of robust and meaningful knowledge?

Our research:

  1. Helps identify basic cognitive processes that support the development of mathematics knowledge
  2. Examines how to use that information to design effective learning techniques and materials

Her research is in cognitive development with a focus on the development of mathematics knowledge and problem solving. Her primary goal is to understand how children think and learn about math, both independently and with instructional guidance.

Cognitive Science, Psychology
PhD, Vanderbilt University, Psychological Sciences, 2015
MS, Vanderbilt University, Psychological Sciences, 2012
BA, University of Notre Dame, Psychology, 2010
cognitive science cognitive development or processes developmental psychology educational psychology cognitive psychology experimental psychology mathematics education classroom instruction instructional materials and practices educational research elementary education precollegiate education - science or mathematics early childhood education