My research focuses on Latino/a education, Latino/a ethnic identity development, and sociology of education issues more generally.

In the past, my research focused on issues of engagement in school. More specifically, the work examined whether Latino youth were academically challenged in their high school courses and whether students viewed these challenges as positive or negative.

Currently, I am working on two lines of inquiry. The first examines where and how Latino/a students get information about the college application process.

The other explores how Latino ethnic identity among Latino/a undergraduates impacts participation at the Latino cultural center on campus.

I am a sociologist interested in the high school experiences of Latino youth. I am particularly interested in issues of engagement in school. More specifically, I examine whether Latino youth are being challenged academically and whether they view those challenges as positive or negative experiences.

Research Interests:

  • Women’s work experiences
  • Latino/a sociology
  • Education; high school experiences

Research: Latino/a education, Latino/a ethnic identity development; Sociology of education issues

Research Area:

  • Environment in the Arts and Humanities
Philosophy, Chicano/a Studies, Chicano/a Studies, History, Sociology, Education, Educational Leadership
PhD, University of Chicago, Sociology, 2006
MA, University of Chicago, Sociology, 2002
BA, Pomona College, Sociology, 1998