My current research directions include: 1) designing novel statistical learning tools for integration of multiple heterogeneous sources and/or types of biomedical data; 2) detecting the latent structures of high dimensional biomedical data; 3) studying the tissue microenvironment and interactions of its cell components.

In the long run, my research interest is two-fold: one focused on development of novel statistical and machine learning techniques; and one focused on addressing important translational and biological questions, through data mining and quantitative modeling. Currently, for methodological research, I am developing algorithms to mine local low rank patterns in a high dimensional noisy data matrix, namely, biclustering and subspace clustering; for science driven research, I am interested in understanding how much epigenetic regulation, and its interaction with microenvironmental factors, contributes to transcriptional regulation of gene expression in cancer.



Oncology, Epidemiology
PhD, University of Georgia, Statistics, 2017
BS, Beijing Normal University, Mathematics, 2011