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Linear Correlations of Gibbs Free Energy of REE Phosphates (Monazite, Xenotime, and Rhabdophane) and Internally Consistent Binary Mixing Properties. Minerals
. | Journal Article
Inorganic Hydrogeochemistry in the 21st Century. Groundwater
. | Journal Article
Optimized thermodynamic properties of REE aqueous species (REE3+ and REEOH2+) and experimental database for modeling the solubility of REE phosphate minerals (monazite, xenotime, and rhabdophane) from 25 to 300 °C. Chemical Geology
. | Journal Article
Ba attachment and detachment fluxes to and from barite surfaces in 137Ba-enriched solutions with variable [Ba2\mathplus]/[SO42-] ratios near solubility equilibrium
Kang, JintingBracco, Jacquelyn N.Rimstidt, J. DonaldZhu, Gregory H.Huang, Fang and Zhu, Chen
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. 317, pp. 180–200. | Journal Article
Barite reactivity at solubility equilibrium as a function of [Ba2\mathplus]/[SO42-] ratios
Zhu, Chenkang, JintingBracco and gong, Lei
Copernicus GmbH
Comparison of thermodynamic data files for PHREEQC
Lu, PengZhang, GuanruApps, John and Zhu, Chen
Earth-Science Reviews, vol. 225, pp. 103888. | Journal Article
Effects of gas saturation and reservoir heterogeneity on thermochemical sulfate reduction reaction in a dolomite reservoir, Puguang gas field, China
Lu, PengLuo, PanWei, Wei and Zhu, Chen
Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol. 135, pp. 105402. | Journal Article
Effects of Hydrogeological Heterogeneity on CO2 Migration and Mineral Trapping: 3D Reactive Transport Modeling of Geological CO2 Storage in the Mt. Simon Sandstone, Indiana, USA
Energies. | Journal Article
Flying Blind: Geochemical Modeling and Thermodynamic Data Files. Groundwater
Geochemistry of surface waters around four hard-rock lithium deposits in Central Europe
Toupal, JonasVann, David R.Zhu, Chen and Gieré, Reto
Journal of Geochemical Exploration, vol. 234, pp. 106937. | Journal Article
Inductive predictions of hydrologic events using a Long Short-Term Memory network and the Soil and Water Assessment Tool
Majeske, NicholasMajeske, NicholasZhang, XuesongZhang, XuesongSabaj, McKaileySabaj, McKaileyGong, LeiGong, LeiZhu, ChenZhu, ChenAzad, Ariful and Azad, Ariful
Environmental Modelling & Software, vol. 152, pp. 105400. | Journal Article
Investigation of mineral trapping processes based on coherent front propagation theory: A dawsonite-rich natural CO2 reservoir as an example
Zhang, GuanruLu, PengHuang, YiLi, Guohua and Zhu, Chen
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, vol. 110, pp. 103400. | Journal Article
Testing hypotheses of albite dissolution mechanisms at near-equilibrium using Si isotope tracers
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. | Journal Article
A method for Si isotope tracer kinetics experiments: Using Q-ICP-MS to obtain 29Si/28Si ratios in aqueous solutions
Zhang, YilunGong, LeiChen, KaiyunBurkhart, JosephYuan, Honglin and Zhu, Chen
Chemical Geology, vol. 531, pp. 119337. | Journal Article
A mineral-water-gas interaction model of pCO2 as a function of temperature in sedimentary basins
Chemical Geology. | Journal Article
Decoupling feldspar dissolution and precipitation rates at near-equilibrium with Si isotope tracers: Implications for modeling silicate weathering
Zhu, ChenRimstidt, J. DonaldZhang, YilunKang, JintingSchott, Jacques and Yuan, Honglin
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. 271, pp. 132–153. | Journal Article
Drought in the Twenty-First Century in a Water-Rich Region: Modeling Study of the Wabash River Watershed, USA
Dierauer and Zhu
Water, vol. 12, pp. 181. | Journal Article
Effect of gradient controlled pyrolysis process on electrochemical performance of cobalt oxide nanobelts
Liu, YingZhang, HaonanYu, YongjiangZhu, Chen and Ma, Xiaoguang
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 818, pp. 153357, 2020-03-25. | Journal Article
Evaluating precipitation products for hydrologic modeling over a large river basin in the Midwestern USA
Wang, JingruiLiu, Ganming and Zhu, Chen
Hydrological Sciences Journal, pp. 1–18. | Journal Article
Exploring Soil Factors Determining Composition and Structure of the Bacterial Communities in Saline-Alkali Soils of Songnen Plain
Wang, ShuangSun, LeiLing, NingZhu, ChenChi, FengqinLi, WeiqunHao, XiaoyuZhang, WuBian, JingyangChen, Lei and Wei, Dan
Frontiers in Microbiology, vol. 10, pp. 2902, 2020-01-14. | Journal Article
Factors associated with death in bedridden patients in China: A longitudinal study
Cao, JingWang, TiantianLi, ZhenLiu, GeLiu, YingZhu, ChenJiao, JingLi, JiaqianLi, FangfangLiu, HongpengLiu, HuapingSong, BaoyunJin, JingfenLiu, YilanWen, XianxiuCheng, ShouzhenWan, Xia and Wu, Xinjuan
PloS one, vol. 15, (no. 1), pp. e0228423, 2020-00-00. | Journal Article
FutureWater Indiana: A science gateway for spatio-temporal modeling of water in Wabash basin with a focus on climate change
Dierauer, Jennifer R.Zhu, ChenGong, LeiWalsh, AlanPamidighantam, SudhakarWang, JunChristie, Marcus and Abeysinghe, Eroma
ACM. | Conference Proceeding
Genome-wide identification, molecular evolution, and expression analysis provide new insights into the APETALA2/ethylene responsive factor (AP2/ERF) superfamily in Dimocarpus longan Lour
Zhang, ShutingZhu, ChenLyu, YumengChen, YanZhang, ZihaoLai, Zhongxiong and Lin, Yuling
BMC genomics, vol. 21, (no. 1), pp. 62, 2020-Jan-20. | Journal Article
Genome-wide investigation and transcriptional analysis of cytosine-5 DNA methyltransferase and DNA demethylase gene families in tea plant ( Camellia sinensis ) under abiotic stress and withering processing
Zhu, ChenZhang, ShutingZhou, ChengzheChen, LanFu, HaifengLi, XiaozhenLin, YulingLai, Zhongxiong and Guo, Yuqiong
PeerJ, vol. 8, pp. e8432, 2020-00-00. | Journal Article
Impacts of dual decentralization on green total factor productivity: evidence from China’s economic transition
Song, KaiyiBian, YuanchaoZhu, Chen and Nan, Yongqing
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, vol. 27, (no. 12), pp. 14084, 2020-04-00. | Journal Article