Keywords: Best practices in networks, Big data and networks, Block models, Brain Networks, Community detection, Deep learning, distributed graph learning, signal processing on networks, Diffusion, Dynamical processes, Egocentric networks, Epidemics, Exponential random graph models, Game theory, Graph theory, Longitudinal, dynamic models, Mathematical theories, Multilayer, multiplex networks, Neuroimaging, Science of science, Tool development for networks

His research concerns mathematical theories and models of networks, with a focus on community structures and dynamical processes on networks. Through cross-disciplinary collaborations, his work is being applied to diverse areas including social networks, neuroimaging and science of science studies.

My research concerns mathematical theories and models of networks, representation and statistical learning of relational data as well as scientific reproducibility.

Past Affiliations

PhD Student, Department of Computer Science, School of Engineering, University of New Mexico (past)

PhD, University of New Mexico, Computer Science, 2013
BS, Zhejiang University, Computer Science, 2007