• Applied dynamical systems and biomathematics:
    • dynamics of coupled oscillators and neuronal assemblies
    • synchronization and information processing in neural networks
  • Physiology of Basal Ganglia and Parkinson's disease:
    • motor control and physiology of basal ganglia in health and Parkinson's disease

My research interests are in the area of mathematical and computational neuroscience, in particular, applications of dynamical systems to the problems of biology and medicine. I am using mathematical and computational methods to study the dynamics of the nervous system to get insights into its function. My current research is concentrated on the dynamics of basal ganglia - brain nuclei, which, among other things, control motor programs and are impacted in Parkinson's disease.

Neuroscience, Mathematics
PhD, Russian Academy of Science, Russia, Physics and Mathematics, 2000
MS, University of California, San Diego, Physics, 1997
BS, University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, Physics, 1995
computational neuroscience mathematical biology