We are studying the mechanism of UPP production, its spatial and temporal regulation, and the complex control networks that coordinate attachment with other aspects of cellular physiology and the bacterial cell cycle.

We are interested in how the extensive asymmetric organization of the A. tumefaciens cell, its division, and all the activities that it contains, are coordinated.

We are interested in how these plasmids shape and are shaped by the ecology and dynamics of disease for A. tumefaciens, how they interact with each other, and how they impact the fitness and virulence of this facultative pathogen in its diverse environments.

Research areas:

  • Microbial Cell Biology and Environmental Responses
  • Microbial Interactions and Pathogenesis

Research Interests:

  • attachment, biofilm formation, multicellularity and disease ecology of Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Past Affiliations
Biological Science
PhD, University of Maryland, 1991
BS, Old Dominion University, Biology, 1985