My laboratory has two main areas of focus. In the first, we are studying how signaling in macrophages changes the expression of the transcription factor, PU.1. The goal is to determine if small difference in PU.1 protein expression is important for the function of these cells in either inflammatory responses or wound healing. These studies include the role of chromatin structure in respponding to a variety of signals resulting in changes in the expression of the PU.1 gene. A second area of research involves developing novel immunotherapy molecules that would be used to generate tolerance responses in patients with different autoimmune diseases. 

Past Affiliations
Oncology, Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Immunology
PhD, University of Colorado, 1987
BA, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1982
immune system cancer biology autoimmunity gene therapy gene cloning genetic manipulation gene products gene regulation gene expression cell & developmental biology