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Knockout of the Tachykinin Receptor 1 in the Mdr2-/- (Abcb4-/-) Mouse Model of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis Reduces Biliary Damage and Liver Fibrosis.
Ceci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoGiang, ThaoGiang, ThaoGiang, ThaoYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaMeadows, VikMeadows, VikMeadows, VikWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatFranchitto, AntonioFranchitto, AntonioFranchitto, AntonioSybenga, AmeliaSybenga, AmeliaSybenga, AmeliaEkser, BurcinEkser, BurcinEkser, BurcinMancinelli, RominaMancinelli, RominaMancinelli, RominaOnori, PaoloOnori, PaoloOnori, PaoloGaudio, EugenioGaudio, EugenioGaudio, EugenioGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, Gianfranco and Alpini, Gianfranco
The American journal of pathology, vol. 190, (no. 11), pp. 2251-2266, November 2020. | Journal Article
Kupffer Cells: Inflammation Pathways and Cell-Cell Interactions in Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease.
Slevin, EliseBaiocchi, LeonardoWu, NanEkser, BurcinSato, KeisakuLin, EmilyCeci, LudovicaChen, LixianLorenzo, Sugeily RXu, WenjuanKyritsi, KonstantinaMeadows, VictoriaZhou, TianhaoKundu, DebiyotiHan, YuyanKennedy, LindseyGlaser, ShannonFrancis, HeatherAlpini, Gianfranco and Meng, Fanyin
The American journal of pathology, vol. 190, (no. 11), pp. 2185-2193, November 2020. | Journal Article
Maternal diet intervention before pregnancy primes offspring lipid metabolism in liver.
Zhou, YiZhou, YiPeng, HuiPeng, HuiXu, HuitingXu, HuitingLi, JiangyuanLi, JiangyuanGolovko, MikhailGolovko, MikhailCheng, HenghuiCheng, HenghuiLynch, Ernest CLynch, Ernest CLiu, LinLiu, LinMcCauley, NaomiMcCauley, NaomiKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoZhang, Ke KZhang, Ke KXie, Linglin and Xie, Linglin
Laboratory investigation; a journal of technical methods and pathology, vol. 100, (no. 4), pp. 553-569, April 2020. | Journal Article
Melatonin and circadian rhythms in liver diseases: Functional roles and potential therapies.
Sato, KeisakuSato, KeisakuMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherWu, NanWu, NanChen, LixianChen, LixianKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoFranchitto, AntonioFranchitto, AntonioOnori, PaoloOnori, PaoloGaudio, EugenioGaudio, EugenioGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonAlpini, Gianfranco and Alpini, Gianfranco
Journal of pineal research, vol. 68, (no. 3), pp. e12639, April 2020. | Journal Article
Modulation of the Tryptophan Hydroxylase 1/Monoamine Oxidase-A/5-Hydroxytryptamine/5-Hydroxytryptamine Receptor 2A/2B/2C Axis Regulates Biliary Proliferation and Liver Fibrosis During Cholestasis.
Kyritsi, KonstantinaChen, LixianO'Brien, AprilFrancis, HeatherHein, Travis WVenter, JulieWu, NanCeci, LudovicaZhou, TianhaoZawieja, DavidGashev, Anatoliy AMeng, FanyinInvernizzi, PietroFabris, LucaWu, ChaodongSkill, Nicholas JSaxena, RomilLiangpunsakul, SuthatAlpini, Gianfranco and Glaser, Shannon S
Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.), vol. 71, (no. 3), pp. 990-1008, March 2020. | Journal Article
Neuroendocrine Changes in Cholangiocarcinoma Growth.
Sato, KeisakuSato, KeisakuSato, KeisakuFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyEkser, BurcinEkser, BurcinEkser, BurcinBaiocchi, LeonardoBaiocchi, LeonardoBaiocchi, LeonardoOnori, PaoloOnori, PaoloOnori, PaoloMancinelli, RominaMancinelli, RominaMancinelli, RominaGaudio, EugenioGaudio, EugenioGaudio, EugenioFranchitto, AntonioFranchitto, AntonioFranchitto, AntonioGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, Gianfranco and Alpini, Gianfranco
Cells, vol. 9, (no. 2), February 13, 2020. | Journal Article
Pro-inflammatory signalling and gut-liver axis in non-alcoholic and alcoholic steatohepatitis: Differences and similarities along the path.
Glaser, TrentonGlaser, TrentonBaiocchi, LeonardoBaiocchi, LeonardoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherLenci, IlariaLenci, IlariaGrassi, GiuseppeGrassi, GiuseppeKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoMeng, Fanyin and Meng, Fanyin
Journal of cellular and molecular medicine, vol. 24, (no. 11), pp. 5955-5965, June 2020. | Journal Article
The Dynamic Interplay Between Mast Cells, Aging/Cellular Senescence, and Liver Disease
Kundu, DebjyotiKennedy, LindseyMeadows, VikBaiocchi, LeonardoAlpini, Gianfranco and Francis, Heather
(pp. 77-88). Nov 2020
The Dynamic Interplay Between Mast Cells, Aging/Cellular Senescence, and Liver Disease.
Kundu, DebjyotiKennedy, LindseyMeadows, VikBaiocchi, LeonardoAlpini, Gianfranco and Francis, Heather
Gene expression, vol. 20, (no. 2), pp. 77-88, November 11, 2020. | Journal Article
The emerging role of cellular senescence in renal diseases.
Zhou, BingruWan, YingChen, RongZhang, ChunmeiLi, XuesenMeng, FanyinGlaser, ShannonWu, NanZhou, TianhaoLi, SiwenFrancis, HeatherAlpini, Gianfranco and Zou, Ping
Journal of cellular and molecular medicine, vol. 24, (no. 3), pp. 2087-2097, February 2020. | Journal Article
The Role of Lymphatics in Cholestasis: A Comprehensive Review.
O'Brien, AprilGasheva, OlgaAlpini, GianfrancoZawieja, DavidGashev, Anatoliy and Glaser, Shannon
Seminars in liver disease, vol. 40, (no. 4), pp. 403-410, November 2020. | Journal Article
The Tumor Microenvironment in Cholangiocarcinoma Progression.
Fabris, LucaSato, KeisakuAlpini, Gianfranco and Strazzabosco, Mario
Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.), June 4, 2020. | Journal Article
Downregulation of hepatic stem cell factor by Vivo-Morpholino treatment inhibits mast cell migration and decreases biliary damage/senescence and liver fibrosis in Mdr2-/- mice.
Meadows, VikMeadows, VikMeadows, VikMeadows, VikKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyHargrove, LauraHargrove, LauraHargrove, LauraHargrove, LauraDemieville, JenniferDemieville, JenniferDemieville, JenniferDemieville, JenniferMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinVirani, ShohaibVirani, ShohaibVirani, ShohaibVirani, ShohaibReinhart, EvanReinhart, EvanReinhart, EvanReinhart, EvanKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaInvernizzi, PietroInvernizzi, PietroInvernizzi, PietroInvernizzi, PietroYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, Heather and Francis, Heather
Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular basis of disease, vol. 1865, (no. 12), pp. 165557, December 1, 2019. | Journal Article
Dual Role of Bile Acids on the Biliary Epithelium: Friend or Foe?
Baiocchi, LeonardoBaiocchi, LeonardoBaiocchi, LeonardoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLenci, IlariaLenci, IlariaLenci, IlariaSantopaolo, FrancescoSantopaolo, FrancescoSantopaolo, FrancescoMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, Gianfranco and Alpini, Gianfranco
International journal of molecular sciences, vol. 20, (no. 8), April 16, 2019. | Journal Article
FXR deficiency and alcoholic liver disease: Tissue is the issue.
Alpini, GianfrancoTariq, Raseen and Singal, Ashwani K
(pp. 577-578). April 2019
Hepatocyte and stellate cell deletion of liver fatty acid binding protein reveals distinct roles in fibrogenic injury.
Newberry, Elizabeth PXie, YanLodeiro, CarlosSolis, RobertoMoritz, WilliamKennedy, SusanBarron, LaurenOnufer, EmilyAlpini, GianfrancoZhou, TianhaoBlaner, William SChen, Anping and Davidson, Nicholas O
FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, vol. 33, (no. 3), pp. 4610-4625, March 2019. | Journal Article
Hepatocyte-specific and extra-hepatocyte actions of perilipin-2 during fatty liver disease: benefits of being extra.
Kennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherAlpini, Gianfranco and Alpini, Gianfranco
The Journal of physiology, vol. 597, (no. 6), pp. 1431-1432, March 2019. | Journal Article
Intercellular Communication between Hepatic Cells in Liver Diseases
Sato, KeisakuSato, KeisakuSato, KeisakuSato, KeisakuSato, KeisakuKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatKusumanchi, PraveenKusumanchi, PraveenKusumanchi, PraveenKusumanchi, PraveenKusumanchi, PraveenYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, Gianfranco and Alpini, Gianfranco
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 20, (no. 9), 2019. | Journal Article
Role of Non-Coding RNAs in the Progression of Liver Cancer: Evidence from Experimental Models
Zhou, TianhaoTan, ChristopherAlpini, Gianfranco and Glaser, Shannon
Cancers, vol. 11, (no. 11), 2019. | Journal Article
The challenges of primary biliary cholangitis: What is new and what needs to be done.
Terziroli Beretta-Piccoli, BenedettaTerziroli Beretta-Piccoli, BenedettaMieli-Vergani, GiorginaMieli-Vergani, GiorginaVergani, DiegoVergani, DiegoVierling, John MVierling, John MAdams, DavidAdams, DavidAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoBanales, Jesus MBanales, Jesus MBeuers, UlrichBeuers, UlrichBjörnsson, EinarBjörnsson, EinarBowlus, ChristopherBowlus, ChristopherCarbone, MarcoCarbone, MarcoChazouillères, OlivierChazouillères, OlivierDalekos, GeorgeDalekos, GeorgeDe Gottardi, AndreaDe Gottardi, AndreaHarada, KenichiHarada, KenichiHirschfield, GideonHirschfield, GideonInvernizzi, PietroInvernizzi, PietroJones, DavidJones, DavidKrawitt, EdwardKrawitt, EdwardLanzavecchia, AntonioLanzavecchia, AntonioLian, Zhe-XiongLian, Zhe-XiongMa, XiongMa, XiongManns, MichaelManns, MichaelMavilio, DomenicoMavilio, DomenicoQuigley, Eamon MmQuigley, Eamon MmSallusto, FedericaSallusto, FedericaShimoda, ShinjiShimoda, ShinjiStrazzabosco, MarioStrazzabosco, MarioSwain, MarkSwain, MarkTanaka, AtsushiTanaka, AtsushiTrauner, MichaelTrauner, MichaelTsuneyama, KoichiTsuneyama, KoichiZigmond, EhudZigmond, EhudGershwin, M Eric and Gershwin, M Eric
Journal of autoimmunity, vol. 105, pp. 102328, December 2019. | Journal Article
Complex bile duct network formation within liver decellularized extracellular matrix hydrogels.
Lewis, Phillip LLewis, Phillip LSu, JimmySu, JimmyYan, MingYan, MingMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinGlaser, Shannon SGlaser, Shannon SAlpini, Gianfranco DAlpini, Gianfranco DGreen, Richard MGreen, Richard MSosa-Pineda, BeatrizSosa-Pineda, BeatrizShah, Ramille N and Shah, Ramille N
Scientific reports, vol. 8, (no. 1), pp. 12220, August 15, 2018. | Journal Article
Expression of STING Is Increased in Liver Tissues From Patients With NAFLD and Promotes Macrophage-Mediated Hepatic Inflammation and Fibrosis in Mice.
Luo, XianjunLuo, XianjunLi, HongguiLi, HongguiMa, LinqiangMa, LinqiangZhou, JingZhou, JingGuo, XinGuo, XinWoo, Shih-LungWoo, Shih-LungPei, YaPei, YaKnight, Linda RKnight, Linda R.Deveau, MichaelDeveau, MichaelChen, YanmingChen, YanmingQian, XiaoxianQian, XiaoxianXiao, XiaoqiuXiao, XiaoqiuLi, QifuLi, QifuChen, XiangbaiChen, XiangbaiHuo, YuqingHuo, YuqingMcDaniel, KellyMcDaniel, KellyFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoWu, Chaodong and Wu, Chaodong
Gastroenterology, vol. 155, (no. 6), pp. 1971-1984.e4, December 2018. | Journal Article
Prolonged intake of desloratadine: mesenteric lymphatic vessel dysfunction and development of obesity/metabolic syndrome.
Gasheva, Olga YTsoy Nizamutdinova, IrinaHargrove, LauraGobbell, CassidyTroyanova-Wood, MariaAlpini, Sally FPal, SaritDu, ChristinaHitt, Angie RYakovlev, Vlad VNewell-Rogers, M KarenZawieja, David CarlMeininger, Cynthia JAlpini, Gianfranco DFrancis, Heather and Gashev, Anatoliy A
American journal of physiology. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology, November 26, 2018. | Journal Article
Mechanisms of cholangiocyte responses to injury.
Sato, KeisakuMeng, FanyinGiang, ThaoGlaser, Shannon and Alpini, Gianfranco
Biochimica et biophysica acta, June 22, 2017. | Journal Article
Regulation of Cellular Senescence by miR-34a in Alcoholic Liver Injury.
Wan, YingMcDaniel, KellyWu, NanRamos-Lorenzo, SugeilyGlaser, TrentonVenter, JulieFrancis, HeatherKennedy, LindseySato, KeisakuZhou, TianhaoKyritsi, KonstantinaHuang, QiaobingAnnable, TamiWu, ChaodongGlaser, ShannonAlpini, Gianfranco and Meng, Fanyin
The American journal of pathology, November 2, 2017. | Journal Article