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p21-activated kinase regulates mast cell degranulation via effects on calcium mobilization and cytoskeletal dynamics
Allen, Jayme DAllen, Jayme DJaffer, Zahara MJaffer, Zahara MPark, Su-JungPark, Su-JungBurgin, SarahBurgin, SarahHofmann, ClemensHofmann, ClemensSells, Mary ASells, Mary AnnChen, ShiChen, ShiDerr-Yellin, EthelDerr-Yellin, EthelMichels, Elizabeth GMichels, Elizabeth GMcDaniel, AndrewMcDaniel, AndrewBessler, Waylan KBessler, Waylan KIngram, David AIngram, David AAtkinson, Simon JAtkinson, Simon JTravers, Jeffrey BTravers, Jeffrey BChernoff, JonathanChernoff, JonathanClapp, D Wade and Clapp, D. W
Blood, vol. 113, (no. 12), pp. 2705, 2009-Mar-19. | Journal Article
Pak1 regulates multiple c-Kit mediated Ras-MAPK gain-in-function phenotypes in Nf1+/- mast cells.
McDaniel, Andrew SMcDaniel, Andrew SAllen, Jayme DAllen, Jayme DPark, Su-JungPark, Su-JungJaffer, Zahara MJaffer, Zahara MMichels, Elizabeth GMichels, Elizabeth GBurgin, Sarah JBurgin, Sarah JChen, ShiChen, ShiBessler, Waylan KBessler, Waylan KHofmann, ClemensHofmann, ClemensIngram, David AIngram, David AChernoff, JonathanChernoff, JonathanClapp, D Wade and Clapp, D. W
Blood, vol. 112, (no. 12), pp. 4646-54, 2008/Dec/1. | Journal Article
P-21 Activated Kinase 1 (Pak1) Is Critical for Normal Mast Cell Degranulation and Cytokine Production in Response to Antigen Stimulation of the High Affinity IgE Receptor
Allen, Jayme DHoffman, ClemensDerr-Yellin, EthelBessler, WaylanYang, Fen-ChunIngram, David AJaffer, ZahraTipton, AmandaChernoff, Johnathan and Clapp, D. Wade
Blood, vol. 104, (no. 11), pp. 647, 2004-11-16. | Journal Article