2 Grants
Developing a Robust and Innovative Model to Train Diverse Researchers for a STEM Future at Indiana University abd an alliance of MSI partners
Wimbush, James
U.S. Department Of Defense (Dod), United States Navy (ID: N000141512423), $1,631,801USD, 5/31/2016 -- 5/31/2020
Midwest Crossroads AGEP
Mc Bride, DwightHenschen, LawrenceSmith, MJTSmith, MJTWimbush, JamesShaw, PamellaMason, SallyMartins, EmiliaSlattery, John and Davenport Sypher, Beverly
National Science Foundation (NSF), Directorate for Education & Human Resources, Division of Human Resource Development (ID: 0450373), $7,599,829USD, 10/01/2004 -- 03/31/2013