James regularly teaches economic principles, money and banking, and public finance. His research interests are the efficacy of various educational course components and overall program design, program evaluation, and assessment measures. In addition, he is interested in tax incidence and asset market efficiency.

My research interests are focused on exploring the efficacy of various pedagogical components of course design and overall program learning design. In particular, I am interested in developing new or modifying existing course components and then assessing those components’ impact on student achievement in the context of a particular course and/or program of study. In the same line, I am interested in program evaluation and development of more reliable assessment measures that are practical and informative to both administrators and instructors. In addition, I have interests in studying the efficiency of both taxation and asset markets.

Chicano/a Studies, Economics
PhD, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Economics, 2002
MS, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Economics, 1997
BA, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Mathematics, 1993
BA, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Economics, 1993