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A tiered approach of hazard-prioritization and risk-ranking for chemical hazards in food commodities: Application for selected mycotoxins. Food Research International
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A mode of action-based probabilistic framework of dose-response assessment for nonmutagenic liver carcinogens: a case study of PCB-126. Toxicological Sciences
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Benchmark dose modeling for epidemiological dose–response assessment using prospective cohort studies. Risk Analysis
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Beyond the cancer slope factor: Broad application of Bayesian and probabilistic approaches for cancer dose-response assessment. Environment International
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Margin of exposure to free formaldehyde in personal care products containing formaldehyde-donor preservatives: Evidence for consumer safety. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology
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Probiotic-loaded edible films made from proteins, polysaccharides, and prebiotics as a quality factor for minimally processed fruits and vegetables: A review. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
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Quantitative Integration of Mode of Action Information in Dose–Response Modeling and POD Estimation for Nonmutagenic Carcinogens: A Case Study of TCDD. Environmental Health Perspectives
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The Effect of Historical Data-Based Informative Prior on Benchmark Dose Estimation of Toxicogenomics. Chemical Research in Toxicology
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Erratum: “A Web-Based System for Bayesian Benchmark Dose Estimation”
Shao, Kan and Shapiro, Andrew J.
Environmental Health Perspectives, vol. 130. | Journal Article
Incorporating Prior Genomic Dose-Response Data to Support the Benchmark Dose Estimation of Toxicogenomics
Using Prior Toxicological Data to Support Dose–Response Assessment─Identifying Plausible Prior Distributions for Dichotomous Dose–Response Models. Environmental Science & Technology
Bayesian benchmark dose analysis for inorganic arsenic in drinking water associated with bladder and lung cancer using epidemiological data
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Bioaccessibility of Inorganic Arsenic in Rice: Probabilistic Estimation and Identification of Influencing Factors
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Health risk assessment of As due to rice ingestion based on iAs distribution and actual consumption patterns for the residents in Beijing: a cross-sectional study
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Environmental Geochemistry and Health. | Journal Article
Bayesian hierarchical dose-response meta-analysis of epidemiological studies: Modeling and target population prediction methods.
Environment international. | Journal Article
Effects of chlorothalonil, prochloraz and the combination on intestinal barrier function and glucolipid metabolism in the liver of mice.
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Estimating inorganic arsenic exposure from rice intake in Chinese Urban Population
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Metals source apportionment in farmland soil and the prediction of metal transfer in the soil-rice-human chain
Deng, MeihuaZhu, YouweiShao, KanZhang, QiYe, Guohua and Shen, Jing
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Model averaging methods for the evaluation of dose-response model uncertainty when assessing the suitability of studies for estimating risk.
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Systematic dose-response of environmental epidemiologic studies: Dose and response pre-analysis.
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Use of study-specific MOE-like estimates to prioritize health effects from chemical exposure for analysis in human health assessments.
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A benchmark concentration analysis for manganese in drinking water and IQ deficits in children
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Assessment of the Dose–Response Relationship Between Folate Exposure and Cognitive Impairment: Synthesizing Data from Documented Studies
Wang, BingSahyoun, Nadine RShao, KanDutta, Enakshy and Clarke, Jennifer
Risk Analysis, 2019-09-19. | Journal Article
Health risks and source identification of dietary exposure to indicator polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in Lanzhou, China
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