Dr. Pisoni is one of the world’s leading research scientists in the field of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Over his 44 year career at IU, he has carried out seminal research on human speech perception, spoken word recognition, language processing, and perceptual development in infants and children. He has also carried out pioneering research on several applied problems for the United States Air Force dealing with the perception of synthesized speech in cognitively demanding environments as well as the effects of noise on speech production. .

Research interests:

  • Acoustic analysis, synthesis and perception of speech sounds
  • Spoken word recognition and lexical access
  • Spoken language comprehension
  • Perceptual development
  • Cognitive neuropsychology
  • Neurolinguistics
  • Hearing impairment, cochlear implants
  • Facilities

Areas of Study:

  • Cognitive Science

Research Interests:

  • Psycholinguistics, speech perception, production and synthesis, perceptual development
  • Spoken language comprehension, voice I/O technology, human factors
  • Hearing impairment, cochlear implants, individual differences, and multi-modal perception of speech

Research Projects:

  • Spoken Word Recognition and the Mental Lexicon
  • Contextual Variability in Spoken Word Recognition
  • Perceptual Learning
  • Individual Differences and Working Memory 

Research Interests: psycholinguistics; speech perception; word recognition; lexical access; hearing impairment

Subject Area

  • Psychological and Brain Sciences
Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery, Surgery, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Psychology
PhD, University of Michigan, 1971
BA, City University of New York, 1968
child psychology psychology olfaction or smell speech pathology & disorders hearing disorders hearing physical senses, other otolaryngology computational neuroscience
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Association for Research in Otolaryngology