15 Publications
Differences in forest composition following two periods of settlement by pre-Columbian Native Americans
Commerford, Julie L.Gittens, GabrielleGainforth, SydneyWilson, Jeremy J. and Bird, Broxton W.
Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, vol. 31, pp. 467–480. | Journal Article
A paleodemographic assessment of mortality and fertility rates during the second demographic transition in rural central Indiana
Zoeller, Gretchen E.Drew, Brooke L.Schmidt, Christopher W.Peterson, Ryan and Wilson, Jeremy J.
American Journal of Human Biology. | Journal Article
Severe Little Ice Age drought in the midcontinental United States during the Mississippian abandonment of Cahokia
Pompeani, David P.Pompeani, David P.Bird, Broxton W.Bird, Broxton W.Wilson, Jeremy J.Wilson, Jeremy J.Gilhooly, William P.Gilhooly, William P.Hillman, Aubrey L.Hillman, Aubrey L.Finkenbinder, Matthew S.Finkenbinder, Matthew S.Abbott, Mark B. and Abbott, Mark B.
Scientific Reports, vol. 11. | Journal Article
The geophysics of community, place, and identity in the Mississippian Illinois River Valley
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Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, vol. 36, pp. 102888. | Journal Article
Evaluating ground-penetrating radar antenna performance for investigating Mississippian mound construction compared with data from solid-earth cores and magnetometry
Schurr, Mark RMonaghan, G. WilliamHerrmann, Edward WPike, Matthew and Wilson, Jeremy J
Archaeological Prospection. | Journal Article
Transregional Social Fields of the Early Mississippian Midcontinent
Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory. | Journal Article
Automatic Landmark Placement for Large 3D Facial Image Dataset
Wang, JerryWang, JerryFang, ShiaofenFang, ShiaofenFang, MeieFang, MeieWilson, JeremyWilson, JeremyHerrick, NoahHerrick, NoahWalsh, Susan and Walsh, Susan
Dental microwear texture analysis of Homo sapiens sapiens : Foragers, farmers, and pastoralists
Schmidt, Christopher W.Remy, AshleyVan Sessen, RebeccaWillman, JohnKrueger, KristinScott, RachelMahoney, PatrickBeach, JeremyMcKinley, JaquelineD'Anastasio, RuggeroChiu, LauraBuzon, MicheleDe Gregory, J. RoccoSheridan, SusanEng, JacquelineWatson, JamesKlaus, HaagenDa‐Gloria, PedroWilson, JeremyStone, AbigailSereno, PaulDroke, JessicaPerash, RoseStojanowski, Christopher and Herrmann, Nicholas
American Journal of Physical Anthropology. | Journal Article
Late-Holocene floodplain development, land-use, and hydroclimate–flood relationships on the lower Ohio River, US
Bird, Broxton WBird, Broxton WBird, Broxton WBarr, Robert CBarr, Robert CBarr, Robert CCommerford, JulieCommerford, JulieCommerford, JulieGilhooly, William PGilhooly, William PGilhooly, William PWilson, Jeremy JWilson, Jeremy JWilson, Jeremy JFinney, BruceFinney, BruceFinney, BruceMcLauchlan, KendraMcLauchlan, KendraMcLauchlan, KendraMonaghan, G WilliamMonaghan, G William and Monaghan, G William
The Holocene. | Journal Article
Pre-Columbian lead pollution from Native American galena processing and land use in the midcontinental United States
Bird, Broxton WWilson, Jeremy JEscobar, JaimeKamenov, George DPollard, Harvie J and Monaghn, G. William
Geology. | Journal Article
Midcontinental Native American population dynamics and late Holocene hydroclimate extremes
Bird, Broxton WBird, Broxton WWilson, Jeremy JWilson, Jeremy JGilhooly, III, William PGilhooly, III, William PSteinman, Byron ASteinman, Byron AStamps, Lucas and Stamps, Lucas
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Paradox and promise: research on the role of recent advances in paleodemography and paleoepidemiology to the study of "health" in Precolumbian societies.
Wilson, Jeremy J
American journal of physical anthropology, vol. 155, (no. 2), pp. 268-280, October 2014. | Journal Article
A comparison of three established age estimation methods on an adult Spanish sample
Rissech, CarmeWilson, JeremyWinburn, Allysha PTurbón, Daniel and Steadman, Dawnie W
International Journal of Legal Medicine. | Journal Article
Reconsidering Culture-Historic Taxa in the Late Archaic
North American Archaeologist. | Journal Article
The Effects of Chemical and Heat Maceration Techniques on the Recovery of Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA from Bone*
Journal of Forensic Sciences. | Journal Article