• Pathogenesis of malaria in pregnancy and childhood; identifying and validating biomarkers to risk stratify patients (e.g. children at increased risk of death/neurologic impairment); the epidemiology of severe malaria; and evaluating new adjunctive therapies for malaria.

Dr. Conroy's research centers on understanding the impact of infections on global women’s and children’s health. Her goal is to develop new tools to identify patients at risk of adverse clinical outcomes who may benefit from targeted therapies.

Dr. Conroy has two main areas of focus. First, she is interested in understanding how malaria in pregnancy alters the expression of proteins important for regulating placental blood vessel development and fetal growth.

Second, she is evaluating the long term implications of acute kidney injury on clinical recovery from severe malaria.

Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Pediatrics, Pediatrics
PhD, University of Toronto, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, 2011
BS, University of Guelph, Biomedical Science, 2006