19 Publications
Advances and Obstacles in the Genetic Dissection of Chlamydial Virulence
Brothwell, Julie AMuramatsu, Matthew KZhong, Guangming and Nelson, David E
Current topics in microbiology and immunology, vol. 412, pp. 133, 2018-00-00. | Journal Article
The Genital Tract Virulence Factor pGP3 Is Essential for Chlamydia muridarum Colonization in the Gastrointestinal Tract
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Emergence of a new Neisseria meningitidis clonal complex 11 lineage 11.2 clade as an effective urogenital pathogen
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Neisseria meningitidis ST11 complex isolates associated with nongonococcal urethritis, Indiana, USA, 2015-2016
Toh, EvelynToh, EvelynToh, EvelynGangaiah, DharaneshGangaiah, DharaneshGangaiah, DharaneshBatteiger, Byron EBatteiger, Byron EBatteiger, Byron EWilliams, James AWilliams, James AWilliams, James AArno, Janet NArno, Janet NArno, Janet NTai, AlbertTai, AlbertTai, AlbertBatteiger, Teresa ABatteiger, Teresa ABatteiger, Teresa ANelson, David ENelson, David E and Nelson, David E
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Quantity of alcohol drinking positively correlates with serum levels of endotoxin and markers of monocyte activation
Liangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatToh, EvelynToh, EvelynRoss, Ruth ARoss, Ruth AHeathers, Laura EHeathers, Laura EChandler, KristinaChandler, KristinaOshodi, AdePejuOshodi, AdePejuMcGee, BreannMcGee, BreannModlik, ElizabethModlik, ElizabethLinton, TobynLinton, TobynMangiacarne, DarrinMangiacarne, DarrinJimenez, ClaudieJimenez, ClaudieDong, X CharlieDong, X CharlieWang, LiWang, LiTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuNelson, David E and Nelson, David E
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Beyond Tryptophan Synthase: Identification of Genes That Contribute to Chlamydia trachomatis Survival during Gamma Interferon-Induced Persistence and Reactivation.
Muramatsu, Matthew KBrothwell, Julie AStein, Barry DPutman, Timothy ERockey, Daniel D and Nelson, David E
Infection and immunity, vol. 84, (no. 10), pp. 2791-2801, October 2016. | Journal Article
Chlamydia trachomatis Is Resistant to Inclusion Ubiquitination and Associated Host Defense in Gamma Interferon-Primed Human Epithelial Cells
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Effect of Advanced HIV Infection on the Respiratory Microbiome
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Household air pollution and the lung microbiome of healthy adults in Malawi: a cross-sectional study.
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Interrogating Genes That Mediate Chlamydia trachomatis Survival in Cell Culture Using Conditional Mutants and Recombination.
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Sequestration of host metabolism by an intracellular pathogen.
Gehre, LenaGorgette, OlivierPerrinet, StéphaniePrevost, Marie-ChristineDucatez, MathieuGiebel, Amanda MNelson, David EBall, Steven G and Subtil, Agathe
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Chlamydia muridarum infection of macrophages elicits bactericidal nitric oxide production via reactive oxygen species and cathepsin B.
Rajaram, KrithikaK, RajaramDE, Nelson and Nelson, David E
Infection and immunity, vol. 83, (no. 8), pp. 3164-3175, August 2015. | Journal Article
The Human Skin Microbiome Associates with the Outcome of and Is Influenced by Bacterial Infection.
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Biogeography of the ecosystems of the healthy human body
Zhou, Y.Zhou, YanjiaoGao, H.Gao, HongyuMihindukulasuriya, K.A.Mihindukulasuriya, Kathie ARosa, P.S.L.A.La Rosa, Patricio SWylie, Kristine MWylie, K.M.Vishnivetskaya, T.Vishnivetskaya, TatianaPodar, M.Podar, MirceaWarner, B.Warner, BarbTarr, Phillip ITarr, P.I.Nelson, David ENelson, D.E.Fortenberry, J.D.Fortenberry, J. DHolland, Martin JHolland, M.J.Burr, Sarah EBurr, S.E.Shannon, W.D.Shannon, William DSodergren, EricaSodergren, E.Weinstock, George M and Weinstock, G.M.
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Bacterial communities of the coronal sulcus and distal urethra of adolescent males.
Nelson, David ENelson, David ENelson, David EDong, QunfengDong, QunfengDong, QunfengVan Der Pol, BarbaraVan Der Pol, Barbara JVan Der Pol, BarbaraToh, EvelynToh, EvelynToh, EvelynFan, BaochangFan, BaochangFan, BaochangKatz, Barry PKatz, Barry PKatz, Barry PMi, DemingMi, DemingRong, RuichenRong, RuichenWeinstock, George MWeinstock, George MWeinstock, George MSodergren, EricaSodergren, EricaSodergren, EricaFortenberry, J DFortenberry, J D and Fortenberry, J Dennis
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Evidence of uncultivated bacteria in the adult female bladder.
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Generation of targeted Chlamydia trachomatis null mutants
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 108, (no. 17), Apr 26, 2011. | Journal Article
The microbial communities in male first catch urine are highly similar to those in paired urethral swab specimens.
Dong, QunfengDong, QunfengDong, QunfengNelson, David ENelson, David ENelson, David EToh, EvelynToh, EvelynToh, EvelynDiao, LixiaDiao, LixiaDiao, LixiaGao, XiangGao, XiangGao, XiangFortenberry, J. DFortenberry, J DFortenberry, J DennisVan Der Pol, BarbaraVan der Pol, Barbara and Van Der Pol, Barbara
PloS one, vol. 6, (no. 5), pp. e19709, 2011. | Journal Article
Characteristic male urine microbiomes associate with asymptomatic sexually transmitted infection.
Nelson, David ENelson, David ENelson, David EVan Der Pol, Barbara JVan Der Pol, BarbaraVan Der Pol, BarbaraDong, QunfengDong, QunfengDong, QunfengRevanna, Kashi VRevanna, Kashi VRevanna, Kashi VFan, BaochangFan, BaochangFan, BaochangEaswaran, ShraddhaEaswaran, ShraddhaEaswaran, ShraddhaSodergren, EricaSodergren, EricaSodergren, EricaWeinstock, George MWeinstock, George MWeinstock, George MDiao, LixiaDiao, LixiaDiao, LixiaFortenberry, J DennisFortenberry, J D and Fortenberry, J D
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