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Migrant and resident female songbirds differ in gonadal response to upstream stimulation during seasonal sympatry
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What do ecology, evolution, and behavior have in common?  The organism in the middle
Ketterson, Ellen D
The American Naturalist, 2020-04-29. | Journal Article
Density‐dependent fitness, not dispersal movements, drives temporal variation in spatial genetic structure in dark‐eyed juncos (Junco hyemalis)
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Early‐breeding females experience greater telomere loss
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Leukocyte profiles vary with breeding latitude and infection status in a seasonally sympatric songbird
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Migratory strategy explains differences in timing of female reproductive development in seasonally sympatric songbirds
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Functional Ecology, 2019-07-08. | Journal Article
Urban residency and leukocyte profiles in a traditionally migratory songbird
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Changes in processes downstream of the hypothalamus are associated with seasonal follicle development in a songbird, the dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis).
Needham, Katie BBergeon Burns, ChristyGraham, Jessica LBauer, Carolyn MKittilson, Jeffrey DKetterson, Ellen DHahn, Thomas and Greives, Timothy J
General and comparative endocrinology, October 16, 2018. | Journal Article
Chronological and Biological Age Predict Seasonal Reproductive Timing: An Investigation of Clutch Initiation and Telomeres in Birds of Known Age
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Differential gene regulation underlies variation in melanic plumage coloration in the dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis).
Abolins-Abols, MikusKornobis, EtienneRibeca, PaoloWakamatsu, KazumasaPeterson, Mark PKetterson, Ellen D and Milá, Borja
Molecular ecology, September 25, 2018. | Journal Article
Female dark‐eyed juncos Junco hyemalis thurberi produce male‐like song in a territorial context during the early breeding season
Reichard, Dustin GBrothers, Daniel EGeorge, Serena EAtwell, Jonathan W and Ketterson, Ellen D
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Genomes to space stations: the need for the integrative study of migration for avian conservation
Fudickar, Adam MFudickar, Adam MKetterson, Ellen D and Ketterson, Ellen D
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Male courtship preference during seasonal sympatry may maintain population divergence.
Kimmitt, Abigail ADietz, Samantha LReichard, Dustin G and Ketterson, Ellen D
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Seasonally sympatric but allochronic: differential expression of hypothalamic genes in a songbird during gonadal development.
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Sedentary songbirds maintain higher prevalence of haemosporidian parasite infections than migratory conspecifics during seasonal sympatry.
Slowinski, Samuel PSlowinski, Samuel PFudickar, Adam MFudickar, Adam MHughes, Alex MHughes, Alex MMettler, Raeann DMettler, Raeann DGorbatenko, Oxana VGorbatenko, Oxana VSpellman, Garth MSpellman, Garth MKetterson, Ellen DKetterson, Ellen DAtwell, Jonathan W and Atwell, Jonathan W
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Songbird chemical signals reflect uropygial gland androgen sensitivity and predict aggression: implications for the role of the periphery in chemosignaling
Whittaker, DanielleWhittaker, DanielleWhittaker, DanielleRosvall, KimberlyRosvall, KimberlyRosvall, KimberlySlowinski, SamuelSlowinski, SamuelSlowinski, SamuelSoini, HelenaSoini, HelenaSoini, HelenaNovotny, MilosNovotny, MilosNovotny, MilosKetterson, EllenKetterson, Ellen and Ketterson, Ellen
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The effect of chronic and acute stressors, and their interaction, on testes function: an experimental test during testicular recrudescence.
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Condition- and context-dependent factors are related to courtship behavior of paired and unpaired males in a socially monogamous songbird
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Condition explains individual variation in mobbing behavior
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Elaina Marie Tuttle, 1963–2016
Gonser, Rusty and Ketterson, Ellen
The Auk, vol. 134, (no. 3), pp. 779, 2017-07-00. | Journal Article
Lipid signaling and fat storage in the dark-eyed junco
Ho, JacquelineHo, JacquelineHo, Jacqueline MBergeon Burns, ChristineBergeon Burns, ChristineBergeon Burns, Christine MRendon, NikkiRendon, NikkiRendon, Nikki MRosvall, KimberlyRosvall, KimberlyRosvall, Kimberly ABradshaw, HeatherBradshaw, Heather BBradshaw, HeatherKetterson, EllenKetterson, Ellen DKetterson, EllenDemas, GregoryDemas, Gregory and Demas, Gregory E
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Mechanisms Associated with an Advance in the Timing of Seasonal Reproduction in an Urban Songbird
Fudickar, Adam MFudickar, Adam MGreives, Timothy JGreives, Timothy JAbolins-Abols, MikusAbolins-Abols, MikusAtwell, Jonathan WAtwell, Jonathan WMeddle, Simone LMeddle, Simone LFriis, GuillermoFriis, GuillermoStricker, Craig AStricker, Craig AKetterson, Ellen D and Ketterson, Ellen D
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, vol. 5, 2017-08-02. | Journal Article
A migratory lifestyle is associated with shorter telomeres in a songbird /Un estilo de vida migratorio se asocia con telomeros mas cortos en un ave canora (Junco hyemalis)
Bauer, CarolynHeidinger, BrittKetterson, Ellen and Greives, Timothy
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Communication Value of Mistakes in Dark-Eyed Junco Song.
Ferreira, André CAtwell, Jonathan WWhittaker, Danielle JKetterson, Ellen D and Cardoso, Gonçalo C
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Differential gene expression in seasonal sympatry: mechanisms involved in diverging life histories.
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