My main research interests deal with understanding at the molecular level the mechanism of development and progress of the molecular aspects of ovarian, prostate, colon and other cancers.  In particular, we are interested in tumor microenvironment and metastasis, as well as anoikis-resistance. These include developing effective diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for these diseases, studying signaling mechanistic studies, identifying novel therapeutic targets and methods to treat them. Several mouse models have been established or under development to address mechanisms underlying tumor initiation, progression, and metastasis.

Our current research focuses: 1) investigate the role and signaling mechanisms of LPA and their receptors in ovarian and other cancers using both in vitro and in vivo studies; 2) study cancer stem cells; and 3) identify novel and efficacious ovarian cancer treatment targets.


  • Molecular mechanisms of cancer development
  • Role and signaling mechanisms of bioactive lysophospholipids and their receptors
  • Development of ovarian cancer models
  • Identification of novel and efficacious ovarian cancer treatment targets
  • Cancer stem cells


  • LPA’s Functional Involvement in EOC
  • LPA/LPC and PLA2 Activity as Cancer Markers
  • Mechanistic Studies of Bioactive Lipid Signaling
  • Tumor Metastasis and Tumor Microenvironment
  • EOC Aggressiveness, Drug-Resistance, and Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) Properties
Oncology, Obstetrics and Gynecology
PhD, State University of New York at Albany, Biochemistry, 1988
BS, Beijing Normal University, Biology, 1982